Monthly Archives: September 2009

Sep 20

Setting The Tone For Effective Articles

By Rob Starr | Blogging

There are several effective ways that you can promote your blog but one of the more traditional is by using article distribution. As most people know who have a blog that they want to promote, articles are one of the ways that get the best exposure for the goods or service that you’ve got to […]

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Sep 19

Does design matter in an ebook?

By Kevin Muldoon | Writing

Yesterday I announced the release of Blogging Tips 2nd ebook ‘Choosing A Web Host : Helping You Choose The Right Host For Your Blog‘. I thought I would share some of my thoughts on writing the book and give you a little inside look at one of the issues which was holding me back from […]

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Sep 18

Show people who you are with

By Charnita Fance | Social Media is “like your nametag on the internet”; it condenses all of your profiles into one page. When you think about it, it’s a really clever domain name. You’ll get a page URL such as, which translates to “Hi I’m ‘Your Name Here’”. For those of you who have profiles all over the web, […]

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Sep 18

List vs. Listless — 14 Ways to Focus Your Blog

By Larry Brooks | Blogging

Lists are everywhere here in blogland.  They’re prevalent in magazines, too, especially in how-to and enthusiast publications, and more than a few grocery checkout tabloids.  We should pay attention to the latter and take care what we emmulate in our blogs. Because we, as bloggers, have a higher standard to strive for. But that’s not […]

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Sep 17

Twitter Mention Spam on the Rise

By Jonathan Bailey | Blogging

When Twitter recently changed their handling of @replies back in March, few called it anything less than a drastic improvement. The change was simple enough, rather than reading an @reply as a message that had @username in the beginning, it looked for the @ symbol anywhere in the Tweet and changed the feature name to […]

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