Creating Content Your Readers Will Want to Share

spreadthewordPart of the branding process of your blog is the redistribution of your blog content. Redistribution, as I have mentioned, will increase the visibility of your blog and alert people to the presence of new and updated articles on your site. Keeping this in mind while planning out topics for your upcoming articles, or thinking of new topics to write about can help you organize your thoughts and create better strategies around your blog content.

In other words, remembering the necessity of content redistribution can help determine what you write. You will need to redistribute some of your content yourself, but another viable tactic to supplement your efforts is turning to others to help redistribute your content as well. That means that you can create blog content that is more likely to be redistributed in order to have your content spread further across the web. This of course renders increased visibility of your blog, increased traffic, ongoing discussions around your blog content, and the establishment of yourself as an authority on your given topics. Below are a few things you can consider when thinking about content that can be readily redistributed by others across the web:

Know Your Audience

Your audience is niche to varying degrees, and is attune to the topics you cover. Appeal to these readers, as they are likely to share your articles with others. Whether they tweet the interesting read or have it forwarded via email to their friends with similar interests, creating content that sticks to your core reader base will ensure that you are likely to have your content shared across the web.

This attention to your audience will also provide you with steady return traffic and a following that links directly to your brand. This manner of establishing your brand will help you in many of your related endeavors in the future, while also giving you a readership that will be more than willing to link your content to and from other areas of the web.

Choose a Readable Blogging Style

From formatting to the overall blog layout, creating an inviting environment on your blog’s website will actually help your content to be redistributed. There are certain articles that are easier to read than others, and the formatting of an article can make or break a potential reader on your site.

Keep paragraphs short and simple so that readers can see the flow of your article and pick up the main points if they only have time to skim. Incorporate images so your article isn’t too text heavy. Take a humorous angle for a given topic to boost interest. Use headers to delineate your points if necessary. This provides immediate access to the jist of your article, and hails it as a resource for others to reference in the future. The better the aesthetics of your articles and your website overall, the more likely others will be to tell their friends about your site.

Offer Yourself as a Resource

Going along with the creation of an easy-to-read article format, you can make your content quite attractive by making it a resource. As I mentioned above, resource articles are readily spread across the web because they are bookmarked for future reads. When someone asks their friends for advice, they may be redirected to your site.

The more of a resource you can become, the better your chances are of having your content redistributed immediately and in the future. Articles such as lists (Top 10) and guides are among the most popular for reference articles. This is because they are easy to read and can provide a wealth of information to an array of users.

Make It Easy

If you want readers to redistribute your content, make it drop-dead simple for them. Include buttons for each article for readers to retweet or bookmark your content. Add a sharing widget so that your content can be shared across the web.

By doing so, you are not only encouraging your readers to redistribute your content but recommending which sites you would like your content to be sent to as well. Select sites that offer the highest rate of return for traffic and additional comments and place a “share” button for these sites on a visible area of your site.


Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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