Do Not Hide Your Identity When Promoting Your Blog Via Email

Do Not Hide Your Identity When Promoting Your Blog Via EmailOne of the most cost effective ways of promoting a new website, blog or blog article is by emailing owners of related websites and informing them about it. You are not guaranteed a response from everyone you email though you can increase your chances by spending some time making the emails more personal (or at least appear so!). If not, your email may be misintepreted as spam or part of a marketing campaign from a newsletter list they didn’t sign up to!

Every week I get around a dozen or so emails from software developers, webmasters and bloggers regarding a new website, product or service. Some of these emails are press releases from marketing companies though many come directly from bloggers. The strange thing is, many bloggers are deceitful in their emails by giving the impression that they do not own the site they are emailing about.

Here are two example emails to better explain this:

Hi Kevin,
I came across this great website called I’m sure you will found it very useful.

Kind Regards,

Hi Kevin,
I read this fantastic article today about WordPress at Maybe you can share it with your readers.

Kind Regards,

The email is usually sent using a hotmail or gmail account (or some other free email provider) so that I don’t realise the email is sent from the owner of the webite the email is trying to promote, even though it is painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain that it is.

Many people don’t even go to this effort and email me using their website email address. For example, someone who inconspicuously emails me about a new blog called would email me using, which makes it all the more obvious that they are trying to promote their own website in the email rather than genuinely recommend an article.

No Need For Secrecy

I have nothing against people who try and promote their website, blog or product in this way. It is a proven way to get traffic to a blog for free and can be very effective in promoting a new blog or a blog article you have spent a lot of time writing. I just don’t understand why anyone would go to such lengths to disguise their identity when using email for promotion.

I am much more inclined to check out a new blog or service if the owner is honest about his involvement with the site and clear about what his role is. Aren’t you the same?

When I email the website/blog owner back they usually own up and admit that they do own the website (and are not just recommending a great resource). So why aren’t they up front about this from the start?

Remember, when you email someone about your blog, you are not guaranteed a review or comment; or even a reply back. Though there’s always a chance that whilst the owner can’t help you out this time, they might be able to help you out another time with something else.

That is to say, you may not gained a link back this time though you may have just planted a seed for a future business relationship. And with any relationship, it’s best to start on the right foot and be honest from the start.

My advice to you all is to be completely honest when you are introducing yourself to someone new. There really is nothing to be gained from distancing yourself from your blog and emailing under the pretence that you are just recommending a great resource you found randomly on the web (I honestly can’t remember anyone emailing me about a website which they didn’t actually own).

Emailing an influential blogger about your blog or a great article you wrote is a good way to get some free exposure to it. Always be polite in your email, don’t be pushy and above all, be honest.

Good luck,



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