6 Twitter Directories To Add Yourself To

By Charnita Fance | Social Media

Aug 08

Everyone is always looking for new ways to get more Twitter followers. Well, one of the best ways to do this is by getting discovered through Twitter directories. There are many out there to choose from and it’s very quick and easy to add yourself to them. So, here are a few to get you started. Feel free to share your favorite (whether listed or not) in the comments.


WeFollow - Twitter directory and search.

Visit the site here, add yourself here. This site is neatly organized by tags with each area showing the top users for that category. Sadly, celebrities are taking up the homepage since most of them have more followers than anyone else. So, you don’t get to see any of us “regular” users unless you dig through the tags.


Twellow - Twitter Directory, Twitter Search, & Twitter Yellow Pages.

Visit the site here, add yourself here. If you plan to add yourself to Twellow, it’s best to register with them so that you can update your profile as well as create an extended biography. They have a large variety of categories to choose from which makes it easier to target your niche.

Loaded Web

Loaded Web - Local Twitter directory.

Visit the site here, add yourself here. This is a location based directory. You can currently see users in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Each country is then categorized by states, territories, and cities.

Just Tweet It

Just Tweet It - Twitter user directory.

Visit the site here, add yourself here. Another directory with a large range of categories to add yourself to. You will need to register with the site in order to add yourself and this also allows you to update your profile whenever needed.


TweetFind - Live Twitter directory.

Visit the site here, add yourself here. This is a live Twitter directory that not only allows you to view Twitter users by category but also by rank. If you can’t find a category that fits you, TweetFind allows you to suggest it; they aim to please. You can also view and keep up with Twitter trends.

Mr. Tweet

Mr. Tweet - Your personal networking assistant.

Visit the site here, add yourself here. Mr. Tweet is unique in that instead of you doing the work, it does the work for you. Mr. Tweets looks through your current Twitter relationships to suggest compatible followers. It also will suggest you to other Mr. Tweet users who are similar.

Honorable Mentions

TwitR – Very similar to WeFollow. Add yourself here.
Tweeple Pages – Organized by interests. Add yourself here.
My Twitter Directory – The Twitter yellow pages. Add yourself here.
NearYoo – Adds Twitter users to a map. Follow @nearyoo to try it out.


About the Author

Charnita is a full-time freelance writer and blogger with 3+ years of experience, and also the owner of SocialWebTools.info. She's also an early adopter who loves trying out new social media tools along with Web and iOS (iPad) apps. Feel free to connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Surender Sharma August 8, 2009

Twellow is the best I have added my account in Twellow.

Stefan August 8, 2009

Does anyone really use services like this to find new users?

    Ken August 8, 2009

    That's what I wonder. I added myself to some of these directories then never went back. If I don't look for folks in them, can we expect our potential users to?

Dan August 8, 2009

Very nice post.

You forgot to mention ezfollowing.com, which works a bit differently then all others. Instead of listing Twitter accounts in different categories, it also tracks all these accounts and allows you to easily follow all Twitterers without the hassle of finding who they are and their Twitter accounts. Just follow one EZFollowing account and you get all Twitter accounts that are associated to this account.

wiryo August 8, 2009

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Brian S. August 8, 2009

They are all great twitter directories!

thanks Bloggingtips!

The one that grabbed my attention the most is http://www.tweetfind.com

The live feature in tweetfind is neat because it lets you see a live stream of any Twitter in their directory. I also liked the Top 100 Twitter Trends on Tweetfind

Wefollow is also one of my top directories because of Kevin Rose.

Liane YoungBlogger August 8, 2009

I joined WeFollow and Mr.Tweet a while ago, and it seemed good to be there. I can't provide any concrete evidence that it has helped but somehow, I feel better being part of a Twitter directory than isolating my profile

John August 9, 2009

Great Post. Thanks for the tips.

I have joined http://www.MyTwitterDirectory.com after your suggestion and it is one of the best directories I have seen. It's easy to use and efficient in search.

If you want to increase the no of followers, I recommend using http://www.gettweeples.com – The #1 twitter train ride which can get you upto 500+ followers a day.

Dadony August 9, 2009

I love Twellow. I have added my account in Twellow. Thanx for sharing this list of best twitter directories.


Karol Zielinski August 17, 2009

next directory worth to notice… http://twitter.grader.com ?

karl August 22, 2009

Just registered with Twellow and Nearyoo. :-)

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