Add Facebook’s Value to Twitter with fb140

fb140_logofb140 is a tool that lets you find your Facebook friends on Twitter. It does so by scanning your Facebook friends’ visible profile information to see if they’ve listed a Twitter URL, then providing you with their Twitter information. Why would you want to use such a tool? It connects you with existing friends on a vastly growing social network, Twitter.

Facebook began as asocial network that connected you with those that you knew in an existing physical community–your college or university. Having grown to reach over 250 million users there is great potential to meet a lot of other people on Facebook. But the core concept of connecting with those with whom you already have a relationship is still prevalent on Facebook.

This is a concept that is not immediately relevant to Twitter, especially as Twitter is far more public and doesn’t even require mutual friending in order for users to follow each others’ updates. So it’s rather easy to get lost in the crowd on Twitter, and it’s even easier for your content to get lost.

Carrying over those relationships that are more likely to be based in relationships from the physical realm from Facebook to Twitter can actually help your Twitter standing in the end. You’re providing more value to your Twitter communities in doing so. Now you have more users you’re following that you’re likely to pay attention to on Twitter, and if they follow you in return then you’ve gained some additionally useful followers.
These existing friends are also more likely to read your content, and retweet the things you post in your Twitter updates. Carry on Twitter conversations with these friends and leverage Twitter for what it was intended–social networking.

Even the act of carrying on conversations on Twitter improves your standing in various Twitter ranking engines, displaying that you’re an active Twitter user that is likely to respond to relevant tweets. Improving your standing in Twitter ranking engines helps you in the end, as it increases your visibility to those that are seeking resourceful users to follow.

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