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TwiPho - Twitter photos search engine.There are tons of ways to share images on Twitter but how many ways are there to search through all of them? TwiPho is a very new and convenient Image search engine for Twitter with a very pleasant UI. Whenever you conduct a search, TwiPho searches through the entire Twitter site to find images that have been shared by others. Just like most other search engines, you simply type what you’re looking for in the search box to begin.

As you can see above, TwiPho has a creative way of displaying your search results. You will see the users profile picture along with a speach bubble showcasing the image and the actual tweet that goes along with it. In addition to that, you can see how old the image is and the source of the image (TwitPic, TweetDeck, Tweetie, etc).

TwiPho image search results.

I really like how the options are displayed when you scroll over one of the image results. You are presented with a small list of actions that allow you to: retweet the image, view the original tweet, view the image in full size, or email the image to a friend.

TwiPho mouse over image options.

Another excellent feature are the trending keywords that appear under the search box, just like on Twitter Search. So now you can also see what category of images people are sharing the most. For example, as of right now Twitter image trends include Michael Jackson, Follow Friday, Bruno and Matt Kemp just to name a few.

Unfortunately, when you click on the search options button nothing is there right now besides a friendly “We will be rolling out options very very soon” message. So for now, you can just search for images and view trends but I’m curious and kind of anxious to see what they are planning to add in the future.

If you’re looking for other Twitter image search engines you may want to check out Twicsy, PicFrog, or Twitcaps. Which one do you prefer?


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