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By Kevin Muldoon | Blogging News

Jul 09

TwittoratiOnce a major player in the blogosphere, Technorati has been out of the limelight a little since Twitter crashed the party. Therefore they have teamed up with Muck Rack to launch their new Twitter themed site, the aptly named Twittorati.

Their tagline is ‘Where the blogosphere and twittersphere meet’ but I have to agree with Jordan McCollum from Marketing Pilgram in that they don’t actually meet per say, they just happen to be sharing the same house. The home page shows the latest tweets from Technoratis’ authority bloggers (i.e bloggers from their top 100 blogs).


Whilst it is no doubt a handy way to see the latest tweets from influential bloggers, I don’t think I would use this site much as I would rather see relevant tweets on my own Twitter page. However, Twittorati actually makes this very easy to do as they list the main authors of each blog on their Top Blogs page, which makes it incredibly easy to find the Twitter profile of your favourite blogger.

Twittorati Top Blogs Page

I do think this is a handy site to search for influential bloggers though I don’t see Twittorati becoming a hugely popular site. Nor do I think this will help Technorati become more relevant either.

What do you think of Twittorati?


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Thanks for the note about these. I haven't personally done much with Technorati in a while either so maybe this will help them to trump up some more traffic. I'll check out the site, but I'll probably end up not using it much.

Melanie Langenhan July 9, 2009

I am not sure what to use Twittorati for. Guess I'll stick to my usual twitter tools and that's ok. The tweets stay the same, no matter where I read them.

Bob July 9, 2009

This is a valiant attempt to stay relevant from a dying site, but in the end, it won't make a splash at all.

Kevin Muldoon July 9, 2009

Bob – I have to agree with you. Technorati ceased being relevant a long time ago. When you think about how popular technorati was at one point, it's quite amazing how little work they put into improving the site.

Technogati July 9, 2009

Thanks for the views and detailed discription about Technorati.

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