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feedly-logo_full_aspect_mediumIf you read a number of blogs, perhaps even too many blogs, then Feedly could be the best RSS blog reader for you.  Feedly weaves your favorite content into a fun, magazine-like start page. The only downside is that Feedly is built upon Google Reader and Firefox – you need both to play.  Feedly displays your Google Reader feeds in a magazine-like format, allowing you to browse over multiple categories, preview post pictures and all your read items are synchronized back to Google Reader.

However, if you are already using Google Reader and Firefox then the Feedly Firefox extension will add a new level of ease and enjoyment to your blog reading.  Imagine the difference between a text book and People magazine – that’s the difference between most RSS readers and Feedly.

I have used numerous RSS readers like Google Reader and Bloglines, but none come close to the Feedly interface that makes aggregation more familiar and easy to use.  Feedly it segments and sorts the content flows into the columnar magazine format many of us are familiar with.


Feedly Blog Dashboard

Forget about even reading all the blogs you subscribe to, just remembering what blogs you subscribe to can be a challenge and hard to view in most RSS readers.  But check out how with one click on the dashboard link you get a crystal clear index style overview of every blog you subscribe to.  And managing your blogs is simple – click on the star on the left of the source name to mark is as favorite. Click on the X box to unsubscribe (your decisions are passed along and synchronized with Google Reader).  The dashboard can quickly show you details on your reading – light blue background means that you have shared some article from that blog during the last 30 days. A light red background means that you have not read any articles from that source for the last 30 days.


Feedly Integration

Since Feedly sits on top of Google Reader you right away get the sense that integration is key to this product.  I have to admit that I have been spending so much time reading more blog posts that I have no fully explored all of Feedly’s options.  However, you can integrate with Twitter, Ubiquity, FriendFeed and Google Apps.  You can even watch College Humor,  Hulu videos and Daily Show videos in an inline mode – viewing the videos right within the Feedly interface.

Feedly is ahead of it’s time

If you take the Feedly plunge than you should check out the Feedly Blog because they use their blog very effectively to seek out customer feedback as to how to prioritize new Feedly features.  As you can tell, I think Feedly is pretty good right now, many like Robert Scoble have even said that Feedly is ahead of it’s time.  So it’s now time for you to take the plunge and test it out!

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David Silversmith is an Internet and Web analytics consultant with more than 20 years' experience managing both technology and customer service for information businesses. He is the former CTO at Carfax.com where he spent 12 years implementing and managing IT strategy. While there, he led the adoption of hosted Web analytics and implemented some of the earliest A/B testing applications to optimize visitor traffic. Silversmith also spent seven years at Nielson Claritas, a leading supplier of demographic information, establishing its technical support and training departments. He's also managed call centers supporting products such as Canon printers, and the Sony Magic Link - one of the first hand held PDAs.

teratips - July 3, 2009

it sounds good and promising, Thanks

Muhammad - July 3, 2009

WOW! exactly what I was looking for!! and I already use firefox and google reader so this should be great…i'll be checking it out!!

thank you!

Malin - July 4, 2009

Awesome! Thank you for writing about it! I've always wanted something different from Bloglines and Google Reader…

    David Silversmith - July 4, 2009

    I hope you find it easy to work with! I haven't even learned all the tricks about using it – but I am getting much more value from all my blog subscriptions!

Mihi nomen est - October 12, 2010

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