WordPress Adds Commercially Supported GPL Themes

Wordpress Commercial ThemesThere has been a lot of discussions lately about WordPress and it’s GPL policy for themes. Thord Daniel Hedengren posted about the latest twist in the GPL debate today.

WordPress have added a Commercially Supported GPL Themes directory to the themes area of WordPress. There are currently 9 theme websites displayed in this commercial area : Pro Theme Design, Jestro, iThemes, Press75, StudioPress, Spectacu.la, Themeshift, ThemeHybrid and WooThemes. Though I have no doubt that this will encourage many more commercial theme sites to adopt the General Public License due to the exposure that WordPress can give them.

To be included in the commercial theme area your theme site must :

  • Distribute 100% GPL themes, including artwork and CSS.
  • Have professional support options and optional customization.
  • Your site should be complete, well-designed, up to date and professional looking.

Matt mentioned this new addition in his post about GPL themes earlier today.

Even though graphics and CSS aren’t required to be GPL legally, the lack thereof is pretty limiting. Can you imagine WordPress without any CSS or javascript? So as before, we will only promote and host things on WordPress.org that are 100% GPL or compatible.

To celebrate a few folks creating 100% GPL themes and providing support and other services around them, we have a new page listing GPL commercially supported themes.


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