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The children of the world aren’t the only ones suffering when it comes to grammar errors. Many people believe that the kids nowadays are just lazy and don’t really care. Some people say that it’s the parents’ fault for not making sure their children are getting top marks in their studies. There seems to be a whole generation of children who are terrible spellers and don’t understand the function of grammar.

Could cell phones and texting be behind the errors that run rampant on the web and in blogs, or could it come from somewhere we least expect it?

Spelling mistakes are not just a problem for children

Spelling mistakes are not just a problem for children

I seriously hope that the educators of the nation’s schools aren’t as ignorant grammar wise as at the school where I substitute teach. There are many resources on this high school campus to help the spelling and grammar challenged folks, so it makes me wonder why this flyer is so messed up.

If students see this flyer, how can they be expected to have correct spelling and grammar if they believe that signs on their campus are correct?

My first concern with this flyer is “Come ye, Come ye”. I understand that this is for a Renaissance Faire, but “come ye” doesn’t make sense even if it was painted back in the 1400’s. It should say: “Here ye, here ye,” or “Come one, come all”.

My next problem with this flyer is “Fair”. It should say “Faire” because this is the way that “Faire” is spelled when it comes to Renaissance festivals. I can let this error go because it’s really not that big of a deal, but two exclamation points after “Fair” and “Games” is just silly. Only children in the fifth grade make this kind of error, and after they are told that it’s incorrect they change their ways and stick to one exclamation point.

The thing that really upsets me is the fact that the person who wrote this flyer didn’t even think to consult one of the many intelligent people on the campus. If they did, they would have noticed that “apart” should be “a part” and “Food, fun and, games” should be “food, fun, and games”. The “apart” error was done not once, but twice.

The scary thing about this flyer is that it wasn’t a child helping a teacher so that these flyers could get out quickly, it was the teacher who made it and Xeroxed it. How can we expect the Internet to be grammatically correct with very few spelling errors when the institutions that children are learning in can’t even hire competent teachers to write things up correctly?

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