20 Fabulous Resources for Free Blogger Templates

Now more than ever the availability of quality Blogger templates astounds me. Talented designers and coders have turned their attentions to the vast market of those using Google Blogger as their platform of choice, resulting in a wonderful variety of templates – most of which are free to download!

From simple, elegant designs to quirky, feminine and elaborate styles there are Blogger templates to suit every taste and requirement.

Through this recent post from Blogger Buzz, the Blogger team discussed options for uploading custom templates to our Blogger blogs and hinted that a new selection of default templates will be available later this year.

In this post, I’ll highlight 20 of the best resources where you can find free Blogger templates to enhance the design and attractiveness of your Blogger blog.

1. B-Templates

btemplatesSince March 2008, B-Templates has collected the best free Blogger templates to offer an organised gallery of the most up-to-date and stylish designs around.

Organised by category with links to the most rated and downloaded templates, B-Templates is one of the most popular and respected sites to find free Blogger templates, complete with screenshots and links to the original designers’ sites.

Visit B-Templates

2. GosuBlogger

screen-shot07-jun-08The Gosu Blogger site offers a variety of excellent quality Blogger templates which have been converted from popular WordPress themes. These templates tend to be highly elaborate and very stylish (the “Wow” factor certainly springs to mind when browsing through the templates in the archives!).

On this site, you can easily locate the free Blogger templates on offer by clicking the Blogger tab in the navigation section, then search through the archives to locate the template you like.

Visit Gosu-Blogger (Templates section)

3. Falcon Hive

screen-shot08-jun-08A relative newcomer to the Blogger template scene, Alvaris Falcon has quickly established himself as one of the best designers and converters of quality Blogger templates.

Visitors to this site can nominate the templates they would like to see designed (or converted from popular WordPress themes). All templates work perfectly and offer complete instructions for installation, which is especially useful as many of these templates are “magazine style”, requiring tweaking to operate properly when uploaded to our blogs.

Visit Falcon Hive

4. Chica Blogger

screen-shot09-jun-08This Spanish-language site offers beautiful feminine Blogger template designs. Presented by Claudia Contreras, this site offers a great selection of “girly” templates for Blogger, many of which are converted from popular WordPress designs.

You can easily translate the pages of Chica Blogger to English (or your language of choice) using Google Translate to view and read about these wonderful templates with ease.

Visit Chica Blogger | Translated to English

5. Gisele Jaquenod

screen-shot10-jun-08Gisele offers beautiful unique designs (not converted from other templates), many of which include her iconic “Birdy” avatar.

These templates are mostly feminine templates, elaborately designed with attention to detail throughout. She also offers templates for WordPress and a custom blog design service on request.

Visit Gisele Jaquenod’s Free Templates Section

6. Deluxe Templates

screen-shot11-jun-08Deluxe Templates offers a wide selection of theme conversions designed by authors of the site and gathered from other sites too.

It is not so easy to navigate through categories on this site, so instead browse through the archives or look at the “favourites” located in the sidebar.

Visit Deluxe Templates

7. Blogger Templates

screen-shot12-jun-08A simple site (which has recently undergone a massive make-over), this is one of the oldest resources for Blogger templates, and also offers a selection of tools and resources to help improve your overall design.

Find a complete list of available templates in the archives section, or simply browse through the “older posts” to find more designs of interest to you.

Visit Blogger Templates

8. BlogCrowds

screen-shot13-jun-08This community-based site offers a simple and easy to use gallery of free Blogger templates. Rather than download the XML files for these templates, users are invited to “copy and paste” the template code (a practise which makes for simpler installation of new template files).

Blog Crowds offers a small but excellent quality selection of templates, plus a useful forum where you can pose your Blogger questions or troubleshoot installation of new templates.

Visit BlogCrowds (Templates section)

9. Jackbook

screen-shot14-jun-08Jackbook has been designing and converting templates for Blogger for several years now, and this site offers a wonderful variety of designs.

Although this site has drifted away from providing content exclusively for Blogger users, you can still find a huge variety of interesting designs on the site in the Blogger templates Gallery.

Visit Jackbook (Blogger Templates Gallery)

9. Theme Lib

screen-shot15-jun-08Originally based at All BlogSpot Templates, Michael Nguyen has begun a complete new site which offers conversions of other templates for those using Google Blogger.

Many magazine-style templates and colourful designs are offered on this site; it is best to locate your favourite styles by browsing through the Blogger template archives as there are no facilities for browsing by style or category.

Visit Theme Lib

10. Quite Random

screen-shot16-jun-08I’ve only recently discovered this site which offers unique designs for Blogger (not conversions) and a great variety of Blogger tutorials to boot!

Some pages are in English while others are in Spanish (though easily translated using Google Translate). The site offers easy navigation with thumbnails of popular Blogger desins on the front page.

Visit Quite Random

12. Pyzam

screen-shot17-jun-08This site offers hundreds of free Blogger templates with easy “copy and paste” installation. Most templates are based on simple layouts with altered backgrounds and headers.

Navigation is easy: simply select the style of template  you are looking for in the Blogger templates section to be presented with thumbnails matching this category.

Visit Pyzam (Blogger Templates section)

13. Zona Cerebral

screen-shot18-jun-08This Spanish Language site has always been one of my favourite haunts for free Blogger templates.

Most of these designs are converted from WordPress themes, though the choice and selection are of excellent quality and are coded very well.

You can easily translate this site using Google Translate to read about the templates and installation methods in your native language if preffered.

Visit Zona Cerebral | Translated in English

14.  Our Blogger Templates

screen-shot19-jun-08This site offers free templates which are exclusively available for Blogger.

These designs typically feature a beautiful header and simple layout (in one, two and three column versions) which are easy to use and install.

Visit Our Blogger Templates

15.  Ray Creations

screen-shot20-jun-08Ray Creations is a professional web desin company which offers a beautiful selection of unique Blogger templates for download.

A small selection is available at present, but these are of premium quality and are very well designed! Be sure to check these out if you’re looking for a beautiful style for your Blogger blog – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed at the quality of free downloads on offer.

Visit Ray Creations

16.  Final Sense

screen-shot21-jun-08Here is another site which offers simple layouts in a variety of colours and designs.

Finding your ideal template is easy since navigation in the left column enables you to seek out templates by category. Live demos are provided and installation uses the copy-and-paste method for ease of use.

Visit Final Sense

17. Ipietoon

screen-shot22-jun-08Here you can find a wide range of template styles including feminine and technological designs.

It’s easy to find templates for your particular tastes using the categories in the right column or simply by browsing through the archives.

Visit ipietoon

18. Yummy Lolly

screen-shot23-jun-08Formerly “Suck My Lolly”, this site offers a range of designs which are especially appropriate for female bloggers.

Many of Yummy Lolly’s desins are kitch or cute, and all are desined exclusively for Blogger, rather than being converted from other platforms’ templates.

Throuh the sister site, Acorn Glue, you can also order a unique template designed particularly for your blog which will not appear anywhere else.

Visit Yummy Lolly

19. Blogger Styles

screen-shot24-jun-08This is a directory of Blogger templates with a difference: templates are rated according to the quality of images, ease of use and installation and are rated from Bronze to Gold.

Readers of the site can vote for their favourite templates, and navigation is wonderfully easy with thumbnails of all templates and categorical links in the sidebar.

Visit Blogger Styles

20. Blogger Buster templates here on Blogging Tips

screen-shot25-jun-08In conjunction with my main site, Blogger Buster, we present a selection of unique Blogger templates for you to download here at Blogging Tips.

These templates offer a wide variety of designs, from simple minimalist to feminine and corporate styles. All of these designs are free to download.

View Free Blogger templates provided by Blogging Tips

I hope you will enjoy the resources discussed in this post and will find the ideal template for use in your own Blogger powered blogs! Feel free to let us know of other Blogger template providers in the comments below.

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