Does Sex Matter When Blogging?

The idea that men and women communicate differently has gained momentum in recent years and it’s a common topic in the areas of relationship advice and couple therapy. This communication theory mainly revolves around the idea that men tend to value information, facts and just want to get to the point quickly, while women tend to want more discussion and support.

Whether this idea is a proven scientific fact or not, most people I’ve come in contact with seem to agree and corroborate the theory and it’s an interesting item to take into consideration for your blog.

Consider the blogs you like to read. Do they tend to be more along the lines of “just the facts, ma’am,” or are you attracted to a style that appears to be geared more toward discussion, support and developing relationships? Do your apparent preferences appear to correlate with the theory based on your particular gender? Or, do you even notice a difference in the first place?

Consider your own blogs and your blogging style. Do you think the communication theory is valid for you as far as how you blog? Have you noticed that some blogging entries seem to be much more popular than others? If so, maybe this communication theory is something to learn more about and see if it points you in any helpful direction for future blog posts.

Consider your prospective audience. Is your blog intended primarily for one gender over the other? Or do you hope to reach both sexes with your blog? Understanding your audience is important to developing your blog and reaching your goals, so understanding the differences between the sexes as to communication theory may be another tool to add to your resources.

You might want to do some experimentation in relation to this communication theory on your blog. Pay attention to how you communicate in your posts. Do you think you have been doing a good job of posting entries that match the communication theory for the gender you hope to attract? If your blog is geared for both sexes, do you think you have a good balance?

Can you think of any changes you’d like to try? Maybe it will be worth doing some testing. If nothing else, just thinking about your posts in this new way could put some fresh energy into the time you spend creating your posts.

You could also have some fun analyzing the blogs you enjoy reading and the ones that drive you crazy. See if there are any patterns that correlate to the gender communication differences we are discussing here.

For starters, you might want to analyze this post. Since this blog is geared towards both sexes, do you think I did a good job in striking a balance or can you see something I could have done differently?


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