Quickly Bookmark and Share Your Links With Start.io

Start.io is a quick and easy way to create a basic startpage displaying your favorite links. Although it is supposed to be primarily used as a startpage, I’ve found that Start.io is also a great way to keep up with your favorite bookmarks. Plus, since you get your own personal Start.io URL, it’s also a useful way to share your links with others. Signing up only takes a few seconds and once you do, it’s fairly simple to setup; you’ll have your startpage done in a matter of minutes.

Start.io can really help you organize your links since you can put them into groups. You can even make your groups different colors, sort them and set them to be private or public. You can also add new groups right from the Starti.io bookmarklet.

In order to add your links you can either add them manually through the website or use the Start.io bookmarklet. Plus, you can even import bookmarks from your browser (Firefox, Safari, Opera or IE). This is a great way to backup all of your bookmarks in case a disaster hits – such as a computer crash. I find that the best way to add links is by simply using the bookmarklet. You’ll get a little pop up as pictured below and it only takes a few seconds to add your links.

If you want to organize your links further, you will need to do that from the website. You can also make links private or public, change their colors and sort them. If you have your links set to auto update you can even see which links have new updates.

There are not many features or settings to customize in Start.io but one thing they do have is the ability to change your layout. You can choose from one of the six premade layouts or you can create your own. Plus, each layout is completely customizable but you will need to know a little about CSS in order to customize a layout further.

Start.io is also mobile compatible. So, if you have Internet access on your mobile phone you can use and view your startpage. An example of how it would look on your mobile phone can be seen here. If you have an iPhone, you can view your links using Start.io’s enhanced iPhone layout. An example of what that would look like can be seen here.

Conclusively, Start.io is a great solution for those wanting a simple, quick loading startpage that can be setup with ease. Too many features are not really needed for Start.io to be effective; it definitely gets the job done.

Do you think Start.io is something that you would use? If not, what startpage do you prefer?


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