Links Roundup – May 14th 2009

Some good posts from the last week which I recommend reading 🙂

  • Publish Your Blog To Amazon Kindle & Make Money – You can now publish your blog on Amazons popular Kindle device. Amazon set a subscription rate (usually a few dollars a month) and give you 30% of the profits (which is very low in my opinion). Still worth uploading your blog though.
  • Contributing to WordPress, Part IV: Ideas, Opinions, Feedback – Sarah tells you how you can tell WordPress developers your ideas for the blog platform.
  • Twitter Hummingbird – I take a look at the latest Twitter software which everyone is raving about.
  • How to Effectively Plan a New Blog Post – Some good tips on how you can plan out your next blog post.
  • Decrease the Twitter Drop Out Rate & Increase Retention – Some basic tips on how you can market yourself better on Twitter.
  • First Page Google Ranks are easy as spamming the page title – Analysis – An interesting look at the first page of the Google SERPS.
  • The Power of a Pillar Article – A great summary of what writing a pillar article is all about.
  • Are You Passionate and Excited Enough to Handle Rejection? – Some great advice on why you shouldn’t let rejection get you down.



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