Wired Migrates To WordPress

The Blog Herald today reported that the popular website Wired has migrated their website from TypePad to WordPress. They broke the news yesterday through their GeekDad blog :

We’ve been hinting at this for a couple weeks now, but the mad scientists at Wired HQ finally pulled the switch this weekend, and the monster lurched to life. Welcome to the new look and feel of GeekDad! We’ve switched content platforms to WordPress, which should allow for all kinds of widgety fun and games as we move our stuff into the new place and figure out where to hang things.

This is no doubt a big setback for TypePad owners Six Apart but with WordPress getting WP.com from Yahoo 4 days ago this is surely a great week for WordPress. I wonder who will be the next to make the switch?

Link : Wired.com Blogs Migrate to WordPress

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Christopher Ross - April 28, 2009

Seriously cool! I’ve spent a lot of time looking at various platforms for delivering magazine content and I always come back to WordPress for stability.

kung - May 10, 2009

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