Putting Keywords in Their Proper Place

web contentThe more you surf the Internet, the more you’re likely to come across web copy whether it’s on a website or in a blog that has keywords used in it. Of course these are the linchpins of some versions of search engine optimization campaigns, but there are times when you can get bogged down in the copy because the keywords have been improperly or just plain overused.

We’ve all tried to slog through content that’s heavy with too many keywords so that the text actually reads badly and the people who use this kind of copy are defeating their own purpose in the end. They attract the kind of traffic to their site that they want, but once there, the visitors are generally turned off by the tone of the writing that suggests the writer or the business owner or both either don’t have a very good idea of what they’re doing.

General Rules

Although nothing’s written in stone, the general rule for keywords (although I’m sure there are variations that people use) is one keyword or keyword phrase for every one hundred words or whatever doesn’t interrupt the flow. That kind of spacing ensures that the spiders that crawl through the text don’t necessarily see it as spammy, but from the content writer’s standpoint this spacing presents the challenge.

Quality Content

The trick here for the professional writer is to blend the keywords into the text a seamlessly as possible. The idea is to use the keywords as part of the content and not just the reason for it.

For example:

Freelance content writing is a job that entails you hire a seo content writer so that he or she can practice their freelance content writing trade.

There really isn’t anything grammatically wrong with the above sentence. It just doesn’t tell the reader anything. It’s clearly stuffed with the keyword phrase freelance content writing to appeal to search engine spiders.

On the other hand..

Freelance content writing is one of the newer divisions of writing that incorporates keywords designed to increase rankings. An seo content writer is the name given to the writer that works with this aspect of freelance content writing.

The second sentence uses the same phrases in the same spots but it’s obvious that the reason for the sentence is to explain the keywords and not just to supply the padding for them.

There’s nothing wrong with going after keyword rankings. It’s one of the more acceptable ways of drawing traffic to your blog. You just want to make sure that the reader or prospective buyer isn’t disappointed once they get there.

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