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Blog Promotion Using Yahoo! Buzz

Posted by on 21st Apr 2009 | 6 comments

Where do you read all the latest blog articles on the web? Do you go to traditional news media outlets written by journalist, or are you more interested in user generated content from people just like yourself?


If you like to read breaking stories on major news to viral videos on personal blogs, Yahoo! Buzz is a great place to start. Instead of editors, people like you submit the stories and buzz up the best ones.

How Yahoo! Buzz works:

  • First, they determine the most popular topics that people are searching for on Yahoo!
  • Then, they showcase the most popular stories within those topics, based on activities like voting, commenting, and emailing stories to friends.
  • Stories with most Buzz may be published on the Yahoo! home page — you can impact what millions will see on Yahoo!

Like many of the other social networking and content sites (e.g. Delicious, Digg, Propeller, Reddit, and StumbleUpon) Yahoo! Buzz allows you to vote up or down an article based on if you like it or not, but they take this concept one step further. Their rankings take three things into account.

  1. Trends in search queries on Yahoo! Search.
  2. The number of comments left on Yahoo! Buzz.
  3. The number of times that content is shared with friends over email from Buzz.

To start promoting your blog using Yahoo! Buzz, it’s a good idea to create a profile, create a network of friends, give back to the community by participating in Buzz activity, and leaving comments on your favorite articles. When you have a good blog post that you want to share, this network of friends will be more likely to help you Buzz your blog post if you’ve been Buzzing theirs.

How to use Yahoo! Buzz to promote your blog:

  • Submit to Yahoo! Buzz: Go to Yahoo! Buzz Submit.
  • Story URL: Enter your blog post URL.
  • Story Headline: Make this unique and compelling so users will want to read it.
  • Summary: Once again make this unique and compelling so users will want to Buzz it up for you.
  • Category: There are ten broad categories here. Choose the best one that fits your blog post.
  • Media Type: Here you will choose Text, Image, Audio, or Video.

Once you’ve submitted a blog post to Yahoo! Buzz you will have a chance to tell your friends about it by using the Send button and the Share button. The Send button will send the article to all your friends using your Yahoo email account. The Share button will give you options to submit your story to Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Propeller, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.

They also have several styles of buttons that you can add to your blog to make it easier for your readers to Buzz your posts on the Grab Buttons for Your Site page. Make sure to use these tools for your blog.

So, are your blog posts buzzing? Make sure to add Yahoo! Buzz to your list of places to promote your blog, and go see what’s buzzing now on Yahoo! Buzz.

Julie is a mom of two teenage boys 17 and 15, and married to a computer engineer living in Las Vegas. She's worked in the SEO/Web Content Writing field for many years and has been blogging since 1999. She currently blogs on her personal blog where she writes about an assortment of topics from parenting, beauty, fashion, technology, social networking and animals. Julie is also currently involved with IZEA, Inc., as an IZEA Insider and is also the Blog Mistress for Affiliate Summit West 2009 and Affiliate Summit East 2009.

6 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by WordPress Tips on 21st Apr 2009

    Thank you for your useful tip. I always promote my blog on Yahoo Buzz.

  • Posted by Bati on 21st Apr 2009

    I haven't used Yahoo!Buzz before.But you said that ir will dirve more traffic to my blog so i decide have a try.

  • Posted by Laura-Whateverebay on 22nd Apr 2009

    This is good to know. I use Yahoo Buzz all the time for other news to Buzz. Might as well start using for my blogs. Thanks for the tip

  • Posted by Bob Sloan on 22nd Apr 2009

    This is new to me. Sounds like a good idea. Thank u for the well written article. :)

  • Posted by Neil Matthews on 22nd Apr 2009

    I am always very wary of anything requiring a circle of friends to get to the top, Digg for example.

    Anything that can be gamed by being "The most popular kid in class" usually suffers and only the content the cool kids like makes it, but saying that you mention that there is search mix to it.

    I'll give it a go, thanks for the heads up

  • Posted by john on 19th Dec 2010