The Promotion Doesn’t Matter Unless The Copy Is Great

generic3It doesn’t really matter whether your blog has a product or service to sell or if it is just about some kind of self promotion or a cause you’ve taken up, writing compelling copy seals the deal and morphs interested visitors into converts. Anyone working in Internet marketing will tell you that time and time again, small to medium business owners shell out hard earned cash to Internet marketing firms who do their job driving traffic to the site only to have disappointing sales numbers.

And the reason can be the copy or web content depending on which side of that fence you come to the issue from. Writing good copy is not always high on the list of priorities as far as the some business owners go and these people fail to realize that all the best Internet marketing is for not if visitors click away because the content is uninteresting and badly written.

Write In A Conversational Tone

For some reason there are bloggers out there that feel they need to be stuffy with the language that they use and that being verbose lends them some air of credibility. Here you need to give the reader the impression that you’re talking directly to them and not at them from some higher plain. As well, people who write the best copy know that punctuation is an important part of the equation. Remember that using specific kinds of punctuation can determine the ebb and flow of how the copy reads.

The right copy that really compels the reader uses italics, underlining and bolding to affect the cadence of the text and at the same time give the reader a sense of the conversational style that endears them.

Don’t Over Concern Yourself With Grammar

Now that might sound a little strange at first until you realize that I’m not suggesting that you use bad grammar, but only that you bend a few of the more stodgy rules that can hamper the conversational style. Remember that good promotional writing is really about getting the right rhythm to the text.

You’ll be able to promote your blog in a much more favorable light when you’re sure that the content waiting for the visitors at the other end is professional. Remember that it’s essential to have the copy optimized as well and you’ll need to watch out for any redundant phrases or words that night creep in to stall the flow.

It can be overlooked, but good writing is a promotional/advertising tool as much as any seo you choose.


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