What do you think about Google trying to buy Twitter?

TwitterI’ve read a lot of news reports over the last few days about Google trying to acquire Twitter. Originally it was thought that they were very close to signing a deal but Michael Arrington reported yesterday that Twitter wouldn’t even sell for $1 Billion.

The deal is definately not off though and Google and Twitter remain in discussions about some kind of deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google paid whatever Twitter is asking for as they see Twitter as a long term investment, much like YouTube was.

Brian Combs did a survey and found that bloggers were mostly positive on the Google-Twitter merger.

Brian admitted himself that this wasn’t a very scientific survey as he simply searched through about 50 posts and comments from readers who gave an opinion on the sucject. Nevertheless he found that most bloggers were encouraged by the recent news of Google purchasing Twitter.

  1. Strongly Positive (28.30%)
  2. Slightly Positive (32.08%)
  3. Neutral (15.09%)
  4. Slightly Negative (18.87%)
  5. Strong Negative (5.66%)

I would probably consider myself neutral over this acquisition. I know Google already have a monopoly over many aspects of the internet but if they managed to make Twitter a better service then I’d be all for it. However, I’m a bit skeptical if they can do this as FeedBurner has been terrible ever since they took them over.

What do you think : Would Google buying Twitter be a good thing?


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