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PerformancingWith Yuwanda leaving the BloggingTips team to move onto new projects, I thought it was a good time to bring some new writers into the BloggingTips writing team. Both to increase the number of quality posts here and to widen the range of topics which are covered here every week.

Therefore, I posted details of what I was looking for on my company blog. My company website doesn’t really get a lot of targeted traffic therefore I had to advertise the positions elsewhere on the web.

Last year I tried to find some bloggers and forum posters via Digital Points Content Creation forum room. I got a great response but unfortunately, the quality of the applicants was extremely poor. Most struggled with basic English grammar and many of the articles submitted resembled a drunken conversation to a buddy via skype or msn messenger! You do get what you pay for as all the applicants charged very little for their services though the whole episode proved to be counter productive as I found it very time consuming vetting applicants and reading the articles they submitted.

Where to advertise your blogging jobs

ProBlogger Job BoardAs I have said many times in the past, the ProBlogger Job Board is without doubt the best place on the internet to find a writer for your blog. I placed an advertisement there a year or so ago for some writers and the response was overwhelming. Within a few hours my inbox literally exploded with emails from experienced writers, freelancers and bloggers.

The best alternative to ProBlogger is Performancings Bloggers Marketplace. My advertisements for bloggers there have never generated as much interest as my ad on ProBlogger did however posting an ad there is free whereas an advertisement on the ProBlogger Job Board costs $50. For the exposure ProBlogger gives you, 50 dollars is a bargain, certainly when you compare it to your overall cost of hiring a blogger full time over a few months. However, it remains a cost all the same and I always try and keep costs down where I can.

So my plan this time was this : Advertise the blogging positions on Performancing and if I didn’t find any good writers within 4 or 5 days I would place an ad on the ProBlogger Job Board.

Thankfully, the response from my ad on Performancing was great. I posted my ad on Thursday night, which is probably not the best time to place an ad as many bloggers take the weekend off. Yet I still got about 15 applicants between Friday and Saturday, with at least 4 of them joining BloggingTips as weekly contributors.

Blogging Job Boards

If you are looking for a paid blogging job then I recommend checking the ProBlogger Job Board and Performancings Bloggers Marketplace often. There are dozens of forum marketplaces on the web where blog owners are looking for bloggers though I believe these two job boards should be your first port of call.

If you are looking to hire a blogger then I recommend first posting on Performancing. If you don’t find a good writer within a week then I would then pay $50 to advertise on ProBlogger. I’m sure between the two you will find a good writer for your blog.

Good luck,

Link : Performancings Bloggers Marketplace


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