Blogging: How to Get New Life Out of Old Posts

By Yuwanda Black | Promote your blog

Feb 23

I get asked a lot of the same questions over and over again. And, while I want to answer everyone who contacts me with a question, it’s just not possible.

My blog is four years old and I have a few hundreds posts. My website is ten years old, and has over three hundred pages on it. Buried somewhere on these pages is usually the answer to the question.

What I used to do was Google key phrases until I find the post that answers the question. Then, I’d send the link to the appropriate post to the person who asked the question. But doing this five, six or seven times a day is just not possible. So what I did was to tell respondents how to find info on their own on my blog and website. How did I do this?

On the home page of my website is a notice that reads, Need Freelance Writing Advice? How to Find Information on This Site.

Posting this notice did three things: (i) it cut down on the number of queries I received; (ii) it gave new life to old posts; and (iii) it increased the amount of time visitors spent on my site.

Usually, once people know how to find info on your site, they will look for info over and beyond what they originally came for. And, as any online entrepreneur will tell you, the longer a visitor spends on your site, the more of a chance you have of converting them into a loyal reader/customer.

Want visitors to find stuff on your website or blog?

Using a Google Search Box, How to Find Information On Any Site

1) From any page on the site, go to the Google Search box.

2) Type a keyword phrase into the box there. Make sure the site URL is checked, NOT “Web”.

For example, if you wanted to know what the acronym “SEO” stood for, you would type “SEO” into the box.

3) Click “Search”.

A list of pages will pop up. Be sure to cursor down and click on articles listed below the title bar that will read something like:

Web Results 1 – 10 of 25 about ?? from [site name you typed in].

While I still get quite a few queries a day, now all I have to do is send an email with the above notice, instructing visitors on how to search the site for what they need.

About the Author

Yuwanda Black is the founder of New Media Words (, an SEO writing company, and the publisher of, a leading blog for info on how to start a successful freelance writing career. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Marketing Man February 23, 2009

Great post Yuwanda….I have two old sites with a lot of valuable articles buried 4-5 layers away from the homepage. I had been thinking about how to reclassify them without breaking the link structure or damaging search rankings and you have just offered me a great way to put it all together.

Portland Web Design February 23, 2009

Very good points. As a web designer, I've installed the Google search box (they call it 'Google Site Search') on many of my client's websites, but never thought about using it this way. I suppose I don't get nearly the volume of inquiries for archived information that you do, but it can't hurt. Also, I'm a big fan of the site – always great for that person in your life that asks lots of questions…

Charles Kaluwasha February 23, 2009

As a new blogger, I have learnt great tips how to find useful info from Google search box. This has given me confidence to answer queries put up by subscribers.

Thank you Yuwanda for sharing!

urt February 24, 2009

google is the best search engine, i always use it as my assistance

you can find anything when google is around

Web Talk February 24, 2009

I have discovered that my regular visitors tend to stay on the first three pages on my blog. They dig very little and dont even use the "recent posts" and " related posts" links. What most readers do instead is to use the custom Google search I embedded at the beginning of the theme. I think the little "Google" icon grab their interest and attention. Anyway if your blog is well crawled and with good keywords you should get people reading your old post cause they come from Search engines

Dennis Edell February 24, 2009

Two questions if I may..

1. Does the search work only by title or does it look at the post body also?

2. have you tried both Google search and WP search? I've heard conflicting reports as to which is more accurate. I realize Google pays out some pennies, but search accuracy would be more important…at least to me. 🙂

Matty Byloos March 5, 2009

Great post and very happy to have found your blog today. Getting life out of content that you put a lot of work into, months or years ago, is like recycling on the web. Very smart and any tips to help get that accomplished are very helpful indeed.

Maqsood June 14, 2011

Great idea to give life to old posts. Generally people don't browse the blog to find what they are looking for. I click on tags to see what I like to read. Another way to give life to your old posts is to interlink them. Like wikipedia, you may link internally with other relevent posts. Three to four links will work best for you as well as to the readers.

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