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3 Reasons SEO Copywriters Thrive During a Recession

Posted by on 11th Feb 2009 | 6 comments

I received an email this morning from one of my newsletter readers asking the following, “. . . do you feel SEO writing is something profitable to get into given the current state of the economy?”

My answer is a resounding yes, for the following three reasons.

3 Reasons SEO Copywriting is a Recession-Proof Career

1. Companies Still Need to Advertise: During an economic downturn, companies still need to advertise. In fact, during a recession, they need to advertise more, not less, because it’s harder to get consumers to part with their dollars.

However, you may be thinking, companies cut back on their advertising during rough times. So, how does that benefit my industry? Glad you asked. This brings us to the next reason SEO copywriters thrive during a recession . . .

2. Online Marketing Is Cheaper than Traditional Marketing: This means that companies pour more of their ad budgets in this direction. In fact, probably for the first time, many companies start to realize the advantages of online marketing over traditional media outlets like newspapers, television and radio.

Consider this: In a recent CareerBuilder article, Five Careers That Sail Through a Tough Economy, one of the professions listed as doing well was that of web designer. The article states:

The Internet has evolved from an information resource into a robust economic platform. Companies take advantage of low-overhead Internet storefronts to tap new markets worldwide . . . They need a compelling Web presence to reel in customers — and that’s where you come in.

Web design firms hire SEO copywriters, pay-per-click campaign managers, social media marketing specialists, etc. In short, the fact that web design is a profession that does well in a tough economy signals that those related to it do well also.

This brings us the last reason that SEO copywriters do well in a recession . . .

3. Online Marketing Works: The reason companies continue to pour more and more of their ad budgets into online marketing is that their ROI (return on investment) is incredible. Once businesses see how profitable internet marketing is compared to traditional marketing, they go goo-goo, gaga over it.

Smart businesses know that ROI this is the holy grail of marketing. And, online marketing is the veritable jackpot. The 1/22/09 MSN article, Will Google survive the downturn?, states, “Google has established consistent earnings per share and sales growth since its inception despite the troubles within the economy as of late.”

How does Google make most of its money? From pay-per-click and other internet marketing ad initiatives.

The reason businesses like internet marketing is that you can track the results in real time. Features like real-time feedback allow you to change what’s not working, tweak what is working and add what may work.

This saves companies thousands – for some millions – of dollars.

So if you’re wondering if now is a good time to become an SEO copywriter, the answer is, you bet! For there are not enough freelance writers who know what this whole “SEO thing” is. For those who do, it’s a lucrative profession that’s only going to grow.

And, I can attest to that firsthand. On any given day I have more work than I can handle.

Freelance writer and web entrepreneur. Learn more at InkwellEditorial.com's "About" page.

6 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by The Moneyac on 11th Feb 2009

    I agree.

    During times of recession companies are looking for new ways how to catch more customers – and internet is one thing.

    I personally have served around 4 companies with my internet marketing consultations, and more to come.


  • Posted by Laura-Whateverebay on 12th Feb 2009

    I agree as well. I have several blogs that I like to drive traffic to.

    Where I find it beneficial for me the most is my webstores. Many of my competitors are not advertising as much and this is of great benefit to me. Yes, sales are good, but once the economy gets better, people will recall my logos or store names. The more you get yourself out there now the better it will be for you.

  • Posted by Florida SEO Company on 13th Feb 2009

    I came across this site and it was extremely helpful! I was searching for how to SEO a blogpost blog.Very nice read.

  • Posted by JakeM on 15th Feb 2009

    Yeah, the contraction is going to lead some people to take a closer look at online advertising and marketing. That could be a good thing for those writing SEO content.

    Unfortunately, the bulk of the shift I see in terms of offline to online is in the direction of PPC instead of SEO. Even SEO/SEM firms are really emphasizing PPC to clients right now.

  • Posted by Justin Brooke on 17th Feb 2009

    Internet marketing, article marketing, and SEO is a very lucrative avenue for SEO copywriters. With the global crisis being experienced, SEo copywriters should feel lucky enough as they still can soar high with full pockets.

  • Posted by Charlotte SEO on 9th Jun 2011

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