How Has Almost Doubled My Affiliate Marketing Sales

In yesterday’s post, I talked about how much I was loving, the article submission site. I’ve always been an avid article marketer, but never signed up with an article submission service because I was always pleased with the results I garnered by submitting manually.

But as I’ve gotten busier and busier since I started SEO writing in late 2007, I simply don’t have the time to devote to manual submission like I used to. So, that’s why I started looking into an article submission service.

And boy, is it paying off big! So, my review of continues.

What You Should Know about Email When You Sign Up to ArticleMarketer: Choose a “throwaway” email address. What I mean by this is, use a dedicated email address only for ArticleMarketer.

This is important because the email address you sign up with will be distributed far and wide. It will be used for people to get in touch with you for many things, eg, comments on your articles, requests for backlinks to your site, request to be put on more article distribution lists, more info on your article, etc.

Hence, you can literally get hundreds of emails in a day. You won’t need to answer most of this email, but imagine having a couple of hundred emails in your regular inbox when you open it each morning. It can be a nightmare. So just remember, you should not use your regular email address.

Another reason you need a dedicated email address for ArticleMarketer is that once you sign up with that email address, you’re basically stuck with it. You can change it, but that can cause a whole other set of problems.

You see, ArticleMarketer takes the information you use when you sign up to sign you up to other article directories. And, if you change your email address, you risk being banned from certain distribution sites for having duplicate accounts. For many sites where your article will be distributed, you can only have one account per name. So if you change your email address, it makes it seem like you have two accounts with the same name.

Just trust me on this, use an email address you plan to stick with when you sign up.

How Your Articles are Distributed With ArticleMarketer: Articles are distributed to more than article directories. And, this is the real benefit of signing up with a service like this. There are little known blogs, newsletters and websites you probably would never discover on your own.

THEY sign up with article submission services like ArticleMarketer to receive articles in their niche. This keeps their sites constantly updated with new material, without them having to write a word.

Super Duper Benefit of ArticleMarketer: AND, they keep submitting that article – over and over again – to new sites that sign up.

Say for example you submitted an article this month on home foreclosures. ArticleMarketer will distribute it immediately, of course. BUT, say a new site about home ownership signs up this coming summer (in July). Your content is relevant to the site. So, article marketer will distribute the article you wrote this month (January) to the new site that signs up in July.

Your content continues to work for you over and over again. That’s why I call this a super duper benefit of ArticleMarketer.

How Much Does ArticleMarketer Cost? I signed up for the three month plan because I wanted to test it before plunking down big dollars. It was $89.99. The yearly plan is $249.99 and the “lifetime plan” which is really five years, cost $449 (I think that’s a special price though).

The one thing I don’t like about ArticleMarketer is that it is an automatically renewable subscription plan. I hate this. I don’t like for anything to automatically renew, ie, for money to be automatically deducted from my accounts.

If you weren’t happy with the service, for example, you’d have to remember to cancel it. If you forgot, then you’re screwed. I don’t know if you could request your money back, but the service states that there are no refunds. So just be very careful that if you do sign up and are not happy, to remember to cancel it before your term expires.

I plan to upgrade to the lifetime plan. That way, I don’t have to worry about it – at least for five years.

Submit as Often as You Like: One feature I love about ArticleMarketer is that you can submit as many articles as you want, as often as you want. Many article submission services have per-article charges, or limit how many you can submit. This service isn’t like that.

Super Customer Service: I had a minor problem when I first signed up. I sent in an email and they got back to me within 24 hours, which in my book is good for a web business.

ArticleMarketer Has Almost Doubled My Affiliate Marketing Sales

I’ve always known that article marketing was the ideal way to market. It just makes sense because people want as much upfront information as possible before they “plunk down their hard-earned dollars”, as I’ve said a gazillion times.

Informative articles give them that. Since I started with ArticleMarketer a few weeks ago, sales of my affiliate product have on some days doubled what they used to be.

Where I used to make 3-5 sales a day consistently, now I’m making 4-10 consistently. At $25 profit per sale, it’s the easiest passive income I’ve ever made. And, the only thing I’ve done differently is sign up with ArticleMarketer and submit 3-5 times a week.

FYI, they say it takes 2-4 weeks for articles to start getting full circulation, ie, picked up by many sites, blogs, newsletters, etc. You get distribution reports that show exactly where your article was submitted and you can check to see where it has been picked up.

One Last Tidbit: Why I Chose ArticleMarketer Over the Many Services Like This Out There

I’m on an article distribution list and once I started to investigate article submission services, I consistently read high-quality articles from the person/persons who write for So in essence, it was their article marketing that sold me on their service. And, this is why article marketing is so effective.

When people are really serious about buying, they will investigate — especially when purchasing an online service. If you are the one providing high-quality information about whatever service/product you may be promoting, it will be much easier for them to decide to buy from you — rather than your competitor.

I was going to give some tips for writing effective articles, but this post has rambled on long enough, so I’ll do that in Monday’s post – the next time I’m scheduled to post here. To learn more about ArticleMarketer, click here. FYI, it is my affiliate link. You can also just log on to to learn more.

Good luck with your article marketing efforts.


Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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