3 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Blogging

You can become an A-list blogger in few months if not in few days. But you always have to work hard and keep improving your blogging to get there.

If you want to become a professional blogger, you have to go through all the phases that are present before professional. No one starts blogs like a professional unless they have worked for print media or have a deep understanding about blogging (at least in my opinion).

As I said, you have to work really hard to improve blogging and without hard work, you cannot surpass the amateur level. Consider a game, for example, which has different levels. You cannot win in the world class mode unless you can win the amateur mode. This applies for blogging too.

You can improve blogging by many ways. Even running helps you improve blogging. In this post, I’m going to explain the 3 things that you can do today to improve blogging. Of course all the three methods work and I have tried it.

Without any further ado, let’s move on to the 3 things

1. Create A Challenge

There would have been times when you had the bloggers block. Though I personally don’t believe there is such a thing called bloggers block, I have written posts on how you can get out from the thought that you are having bloggers block.

To improve your blogging and to eliminate the thought of having bloggers block, there is a quick and free solution. Create a challenge.

What type of challenges can you create?

You can IM a friend and tell him/her that you are going to achieve “your goal” in “specified time”. I, once, told my friend that I will become a freelance writer within 3 days and get a good gig. Though it took me a week to get a very good freelance writing gig, the challenge helped me to work hard. I could not think of losing in the challenge. This motivated me to work hard. When you challenge your friend saying that you will write a guest post at a blog with 25,000+ subscribers in 5 days, you will work hard towards it and this will result in an improvement in blogging.

You can also create a public challenge. Go to a good forum and without spamming the forum, create a public challenge. Since all the members of the forum are watching you, you will have the motivation to work hard. Two of the best forums on blogging are Authority Blogger forum and Blogging Tips forum.

2. Participate In Blog Carnivals And Contests

There are so many blog carnivals that are started every week. Join in one of them and work hard to emerge as one of the best participants of the carnival. The best site that I always recommend for bloggers who want to join in blog carnivals is BlogCarnival.Com. For more information on blog carnivals, you can read this page on what is blog carnival.

Contests act as a great catalyst for bloggers to become better. When you participate in a contest, you have the mindset to win. When you work with that positive mindset, you are sure to get good results. Your blogging will improve to the next level. I still remember the first blogging contest that I participated in. It was hosted by Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips. There will be at least one contest in the blogosphere every month.

3. Avoid The Activity That Decreases Your Productivity

One of the best things you could do to improve blogging is by avoiding the activity that decreases your productivity. Not many would agree with this but I have experience on this. Whenever I have holidays, I spend most of the time watching football videos and reading football news. My blogging improved a lot after I set a specific amount of time for these activities. It is extremely tough to avoid your favorite activity completely. Set a specific time for your favorite activity and see to that it doesn’t decrease your productivity.

What do you do to improve blogging? Do you do any of the above three? Or do you take a long walk? Please share your views in the comments.


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