Freelance Writers: How to Make Money from the Competition

I received the following question from a buyer of my ebook on SEO copywriting. He wrote:

I have read the ebook and am planning on starting my marketing outreach, per your recommendations in the ebook, this week. . . . The only question I have is this: with the sale of your ebook, do you legitimately think there won’t be any over saturation?

Following are three reasons you want competition as a freelance writer and how they can make you more money.

3 Reasons to Welcome Competition as a Freelance Writer

Start Quicker: Other freelance writers allow you to start your business quicker. How? In a number of ways. For example, need a website – find one of a freelance writer that you like, and tell your designer, “I want something in this vein.” Or, you can always design one yourself.

You can do the same when trying to figure out which services to offer, how much to charge, what policies to put in place, etc.

Profitable Niches: I always advise freelance writers to pitch themselves as niche writers when they first start out. Why? Because it makes it easier to land freelance writing jobs.

How can your “competition” help you? In two ways: first, they can help you decide if it’s a niche you want to enter; and second, they can help you glean which services to offer. You can get this information from them in two ways: (i) by outright asking for it; and (ii) by checking out their websites.

Stay Abreast of Trends: Finally, other freelance writes help you to stay abreast of trends. For example, when I first started out as an SEO writer, I just offered SEO articles. Then I moved on to blog posts. Then, through a couple of sites I ran across of other SEO writers, I found out that press releases were a hot-ticket item. So, I added them to my list of services.

Is the Market Oversaturated with Freelance Writers; Is the Competition Too Stiff to Even Start?

To answer the buyer’s question about oversaturation, this is akin to asking can the ocean hold one more drop of water. According to online marketing experts, there are approximately 100,000 new sites that go live on the web every day.

They all need content. And, when you consider that only 10% of web users are even internet savvy beyond searching for info, sending emails and making reservations, there is a real need for skilled service providers in this sector (ie, internet marketing, web and graphic design, SEO copywriting, etc.).

The Beauty of Competing with Other Freelance Writers

The beautiful thing about others preceding you is that that take the guess work out of a lot of things. I’m always saying this, but freelance writing is not hard. And with others who’ve already paved the way, it’s easier than ever to get started as a freelance writer. So look to your “competition” not as a stumbling block, but as a source of information and inspiration.


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