How to Decide How Personal to Get On Your Blog

I cringe when I read some blogs because the information is so personal. I often wonder, “Don’t they realize that once it hits the “airwaves” of the internet it’s there forever?” But, one of the elements of a popular blog – in my humble opinion – is that some of your personality shines through.

And, that means sharing some of your personal life. So, how do you decide how much to share? Following are some guidelines I use.

It’s There Forever: Knowing that once I hit publish I have no control over who sees it automatically censors me. It’s strange because in my personal life, I tend to be very open.

And while I do share personal tidbits in my freelance writing newsletter (I have a section called “Yuwanda’s corner” dedicated to my non-professional life), there’s a line I won’t cross.

What Purpose Does It Serve? If and when I do share personal info, it always has to be for a reason. It’s kinda like how actors decide whether or not to do nudity. Some, like Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex & the City fame, have a policy to never do it – no matter what.

Others like Halle Berry, who bared it all in Monster’s Ball – for which she won a Oscar, natch! – say they will if it advances the story line.

Sharing personal tidbits have to serve a purpose for me. It shouldn’t be thrown out there for shock value, or it just cheapens the exchange with the reader. In fact, it may even turn them off.

Do Your Readers Want You to Share: Some blogs lend themselves to the personal sharing of information. As a reader, you intrinsically want to know more about the blogger behind the words. Other blogs have the opposite effect.

Again, using actors for comparison — it’s kinda like who you want to see naked. If Hugh Jackman wants to doff his duds – I’m all for it. Jack Nicholson – please keep your clothes on; it’s your magnetic performance I tune in for.

Why Sharing Personal Information On Your Blog Can Make It More Profitable

Sharing personal information can increase your readership – if it’s done right. BUT, it can be difficult to decide what the “right way” is. Only you can arrive at this conclusion — and I suspect that your readers will guide you via feedback.

However, when you find the perfect balance, it can not only make blogging more enjoyable, but more profitable as well. How?

By making your blog more sticky. Readers buy from those they know, like and trust. What better way to get your blog’s readers to know, like and trust you than to share part of your personal life with them?

How do you decide how personal to get on your blog? Or, does it even cross your mind?


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