8 Free Festive Blogger Templates

baubleAs Christmas is less than one week away, many bloggers are searching for festive themed templates to add a little holiday spirit to their blogs.

Here are 8 free festive themed templates for the Blogger platform which you can download for free!

1. Christmas Night


This is a simple three column template with a unique falling snow effect which was designed by myself.

View live demo | Download this template

2. Winnie in Christmas by Skincorner


This colorful three column template adds a humorous appeal to your Blogger powered blog. Sidebar headings are stylized, while the date headings appear surrounded in holly.

View live demo | Download this template

3. Birdie’s Enchanted Christmas by Gisele Jaquenod


This is one of my all-time favorite festive templates. Gisele’s designs generally centralize around a illustrative theme and “Birdie” has become a hallmark of her personal style. This is a simple, two column theme with an impressive header section. Unfortunately, Gisele did not provide a demonstration blog for this template, though you can see this in action using Btemplate’s preview instead.

Read more and download this theme

4. Snowman Template by Skincorner


This is a stylish two column theme which uses background images to enhance sidebar headings and a gorgeous image for the header.

View live demo | Download this theme

5. Santa and Reindeer by Skincorner


This is a three column theme in a rich color scheme of red and gold. It includes a festive header in the form of Santa and his reindeer, while the outer posts section is styled with ornate decorations.

View live demo | Download

6. Blogy Navideño (Converted by Blog and Web)


This beautiful template was converted from the original WordPress theme by Design Disease by Blog and Web.

It includes feed links above the sidebar and while the heading appears to be an image, it actually uses CSS to appear as drop shadows effect!

View live demo | Download this theme

7. Christmas Candles by Skincorner


Here is a simple, dark Blogger template which features festive candles as a background to the header section and an ambient glow around the posts and sidebar.

View live demo | Download this template

8. Vermillion (Converted by BTemplates)


This classic theme is a conversion of the Vermillion WordPress theme by WP Themes. It features an elegant festive color scheme and rounded corners for the main content area.

View live demo | Download this theme

I hope those of you using Blogger to publish your blogs will find these templates a useful addition to your festive blog design arsenal! Please feel free to let us know of any other festive Blogger themes you have encountered by leaving your comments below.

Image at top of post by Krisdekurtis via Flickr Creative Commons.


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