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The Festive Toolbox: decorate your blog for Christmas!

Posted by on 1st Dec 2008 | 13 comments

As Christmas approaches, many bloggers choose to decorate not only their homes but their websites in anticipation of the festive season.

From decorative blog templates to simple icons and snow effects, there are many ways our blogs can generate some festive spirit. In this post, I’ll share some of the best resources and methods I have found which you can use to enhance your blog design to celebrate Christmas with your readers.

Christmas Blog Templates

The most dramatic way you could update your blog for the Christmas season is to adopt (at least temporarily) a festive blog theme.

Here are some of the best free Christmas blog themes (organized by platform) for you to download:

WordPress themes

Merry Christmas (Blog oh Blog)

A simple, wide theme with colored sections in the footer

Read more and download Merry Christmas WordPress Theme

Christmas Days by Design Disease

A two column theme with integrated Flickr feed (perfect for sharing your visual memories of the season!)

Read more and download

Christmas Gifts Theme by Amazing Christmas Ideas

A simple yet elegant two column theme which is widget ready.

Read more and download

Vermillion Theme for WordPress

This elegant theme uses unusual festive colors yet appears stylish and well organized.

Read more and download

TMZ Winter by Acosmin.com

A bright three column theme with widgetized sidebars

Learn more and download

Blogger Templates

Snowman Blogger Template by SkinCorner

A two column theme with feative header and sidebar headings

Learn more and download

Birdie’s Enchanted Christmas by Gisele Jaquenod

A beautiful theme from Gisele’s “Birdie” template series

Read more and download

Merry Christmas Night by Pyzam

A simple festive template for Blogger blogs

Read more and download

Joomla Templates

Merry Christmas by Design for Joomla.com

Learn more and download

FNB Christmas by Free Net Builders

A candy-cane theme in festive colors for Joomla

Details and download

Traditional Christmas Joomla Theme by Invision Graphics

Here is a traditiona, Santa Claus inspired theme to decorate your Joomla CMS for the festive season. Note: registration is required to download this theme.

Learn more and download

More free Christmas templates for you to download

For those of you using a different CMS, here are some festive CSS based templates which you could convert for your own platform:

Santa Claus CSS Template by CSS Creme

Seasons Greetings by Karen Blundell

Christmas Template by Karen Blundell

Merry Christmas by Greystatic

Christmas 02 by Wfielder

Christmas 01 by Wfielder

Festive icon sets

If changing your whole template for the holidays is a bit too drastic, why not decorate with some free festive icons and images instead?

Here is a selection of free icon sets for you to download and use to decorate your blog:

Christmas icons from CleverIcons

This icon set is free to use, even for commercial projects!

Christmas Holiday Icons from N-Design Studio

These cute icons are delivered in PNG, GIF, EPS and ICO format for free use in your personal and commercial projects.

Christmas Surprise by DryIcons

This is free for personal use only (license fee required for commercial license)

Christmas Set by FreeIconsWeb

19 icons, each measuring 128px square for free personal use

VistaICO Christmas Icons from Vista Icons

Contains 25 high quality icons

Christmas RSS Icons by Sudilkovsky Denis

Christmas Social Bookmark icons by Dirceu Viega

Includes 17 social bookmark icons with a festive theme.

Santa Claus Hat Icons by Dirceu Veiga

Festive JavaScripts and Effects

Here are a selection of JavaScripts and effects which you can add to your blog for festive decoration. All of these scripts are free to use, though you may be required to credit the author (particularly if you write about the scripts you are using) so please be sure to check the usage notices for each site.

Simple falling snow effect by Dynamic Drive

This simple script creates a falling snow effect using the image of a snowflake. The flakes fall down the page and then disappear (as though they fall off the screen).

You can configure the speed and number of snowflakes directly within the script, and could even use a different image instead of the snowflake offered. [View/Download this script]

Snow effect without images by Kurt Grigg

This JavaScript based snow effect uses no images for the “snowflakes” and is a much more subtle way of adding a snowy effect to your blog pages.

It is best used against a dark background so the tiny snowflakes can be easily seen.

[Learn more and download this script]

DHTML Snowstorm (with wind effect) by Scott Schiller

This interesting script allows you to change the direction and speed of the wind to affect the snowstorm effect on your web pages.

It works in almost all browsers, and requires only one line of code in your blog pages to generate the snowstorm effect.

[Learn more and download script]

Annual Occasions Countdown by JavaScript Kit

This simple script allows you to countdown to any date (eg: Christmas, New Year) and is easily configured for your needs. [Learn more and download script]

Countdown to Christmas Clock from EmailSanta.com

This script will add a festive Christmas countdown clock to your web pages which can be seen in action on the Email Santa website. You should be able to configure the images and styling of the clock to better suit the needs of your own blog design.

[Read more and download this script]

JavaScript Advent Calendar

Here is a cute advent calendar which you could offer to your blog readers. Each number on the calendar opens a pop-up window to which you can add an image, message or even a festive download!

This script would take some time to configure for your own requirements, but as a daily reward for yoru readers it could prove a worthwhile addition to your blog ;)

[Read more and download this script]

Last clicks…

If you still cannot find the festive resources you need to decorate your blog this Christmas, why not check out some of the design and Christmas resources below:

I hope this article has provided you with some useful

Amanda is a freelance blogger and web/blog designer. She writes about Blogger at www.BloggerBuster.com and maintains several other blogs on various subjects.

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  • Posted by Typhoon on 1st Dec 2008

    WoW! Huge collection of templates for Christmas..


  • Posted by Ashley K. Edwards on 1st Dec 2008

    Some of these are really fun and festive. Some…ummm, well, not so much. Thanks for sharing though.

  • Posted by Amirul Ashraff on 1st Dec 2008

    Wow! A great list for christmas! Planning to use the feed and the social bookmark icons for my blog!

  • Posted by --Deb on 1st Dec 2008

    Fun! Thanks so much … now I've got a whole bunch of links to click…

  • Posted by Play Games Win Prize on 1st Dec 2008

    It's better to just keep your current theme and get the header logo done. However that usually costs money.


  • Posted by Dennis Edell on 2nd Dec 2008

    Holy cow, this is gonna be fun!

  • Posted by Dressup Games on 2nd Dec 2008

    This is going to be fun thank you

  • Posted by Alan on 2nd Dec 2008

    I like the icons.

    Is there a way to get the "Simple falling snow effect by Dynamic Drive" on blogger ?

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  • Posted by The Burnman on 5th Dec 2008

    Great list! Lots of good resources here, I can't wait dig through them all and add some holiday cheer to my blog.

  • Posted by Rajtilak Bhattacharj on 17th Dec 2008

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys !!!

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  • Posted by Unusual Wedding Cake on 31st Dec 2008

    I must admit, decorating your website for christmas is so much fun and cheaper than decorating the house. Not that it's not fun decorating the house but I guess they are just two different type of joy and experience. For house, decorating the house for christmas with your lover or family is the best.

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