Blogging Jobs: How to Turn One Customer into a Repeat Client

In any business, repeat sales are the name of the game. When you have repeat sales, you don’t have to work as hard to make money. If you apply for blogging jobs, when you land one client, following are some steps to turn them into a repeat client.

ATTN Bloggers and Freelance Writers: 3 Ways to Gain Long-term Clients

Create Backend Sales: The first thing you have to do is have more than one product offering. How does this apply to freelance blogging? Well, what are some services a lot of blog owners need? Hmmm . . . many run affiliate websites or programs.

So how about writing landing pages? Or, you can go the extra mile and offer to set up and design affiliate websites. Many are just one page and if you write the landing page (ie, the sales page), then you’ve already done the bulk of the work right there.

Now all you have to do is learn how to do headers (many softwares exist for this) and sign up with a web hosting service to make the site live. And, voila – you’re making money on the front end (writing the sales page) and the back end (hosting the affiliate site).

Backend Sales Tip: Freelance writing and blogging are vocations where you have to stay one step ahead of prospects to be successful. You have to always be anticipating what they need. This is the key to increasing backend sales.

Explain to Gain: A couple of days ago, I had an in-depth conversation with a potential new client. He didn’t understand the difference between a press release and an article. He also wanted to know how to start an article marketing campaign and what that entailed.

It was a looonnnnng conversation. But, I patiently walked him through each service. By the end of the conversation, I could tell that he knew that I knew what I was talking about. His marketing director called me later and signed up for an ongoing article marketing campaign.

Would I have landed the client if I hadn’t taken the time to answer all of his questions? I don’t know. What I do know is, when you take the time to explain things to clients – especially in this age of new media – you build your credibility. Credibility is as good as money in the bank when you’re dealing with a client who knows less than you..

While it may be time consuming initially, think of it this way — you’re angling for long-term, repeat business. Making customers comfortable by answering all of their questions will gain it.

Be Honest: The aforementioned client was interested in a couple of services my company offers. I recommended that he start out with one first (article marketing) and give it some time to work. I told him that he could sign up for the other service later – if he still felt it was necessary.

Now while it would have meant more money for me had he signed up for both services simultaneously, I didn’t think it was in his best interest.

The moral of this story is, always keep your clients’ best interest at the forefront. Your interests are married to theirs. If you do what’s best for them, by default you’re doing what’s best for you and your freelance writing/blogging business.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American associates. To the rest of my readers, don’t try to take over the blogosphere while we Americans are stuffing our faces with turkey!


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