Links Roundup – November 25th 2008

Another roundup of some great blogging related posts for you guys 🙂

  • When Twitter Met Facebook: The Acquisition Deal That Fail-Whaled – Kara Swisher talks about Facebooks efforts to purchase Twitter. Apparently Facebook offered $500 million worth of Facebook stock rather than cash.
  • If I Started Today – Chris Brogan talks about what he would do differently if he has to start all over.
  • Google Writes Guide For Bloggers – Google writes their own guide for bloggers.
  • Are You Being Misled By How Much Traffic Your Website Is Getting? – Dawud Miracle asks ‘Are you focusing too much on your traffic stats?’
  • Common Mistakes In Starting A Blog – A good list from Matt J McDonald.
  • Building Links by Creating WordPress Themes – A summary of the benefits of releasing themes to build incoming links.
  • 145 MUST READ free business related eBooks – A gigantic list of free ebooks which you can download.
  • Blog Contest/Drawing Launches Today ~ Over $2,000 in Prizes! – BloggingTips regular Suzanne Franco launches an awesome contest to improve her chances of winning Blogging Idol.
  • Old School Promotion Technique That Worked – Jeff Chandler explains how he got a PageRank of 4 after just a few months.
  • How to Choose a Money Making Niche for Your New Blog – Some basic tips for choosing your next blog niche.
  • 60 Helpful Blog Posts for Freelance Writers and Bloggers – A huge list of writing articles from Deborah Ng.



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