Holiday Blog Marketing: Are You Killing Your Online Business with This Mistake?

This week is a holiday week in the United States – Thanksgiving. Hence, a lot of us have shifted our focus away from work and into holiday mode.


While I’m all for enjoying the holidays, this is a warning to those who go about it in the wrong way. What do I mean? Basically, no play until all of your work is done.

The #1 Mistake Bloggers, Freelance Writers and Other Solo Entreprenuers Make During the Holiday Season

The number one mistake bloggers, freelance writers and other solo entrepreneurs make during the holiday season is to put marketing on hold. This is the time to market; you shouldn’t ever put marketing on hold.

Many think, “Oh, nobody’s reading my blog now anyway.” So, they’ll slack off. This misses the whole point of marketing though.

If I’ve written it once, I’ve written it a thousand times – marketing must be a continual effort to be effective. You have to make it a habit. And, you don’t break habits just because a holiday rolls around. You keep doing what you’re doing – and you will reap the rewards. Here’s how.

Why Marketing When Nobody’s Paying Attention Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Blog

There are two distinct advantages of marketing your blog during slow times like the holiday season.

Less Competition: Business does not stop because a holiday rolls around. Sure it slows up, but commerce goes on. And, internet businesses like blogs in particular benefit from this because when there’s a holiday in one country, what is the rest of the world still doing? Business!

While your competition is stuffing their faces with turkey, you can be stuffing your bank account with new business you’ve brought in – all because you stayed the course and they didn’t.

Bring in More Clients Easily: As mentioned above, marketing must be a continual effort. It keeps you from experiencing too many dry spells. And, it keeps those dry spells that do come around from lasting too long (we all have dry spells, that’s just the nature of the beast).

But, if you’re continually marketing your blog/website, it will seem like clients just drop out of the sky. All of a sudden you’ll be swamped and you’ll wonder why. And your competition will wonder why they can’t seem to land a client/make a sale.

Well, that’s the power of what’s known in advertising as drip marketing. When you “leave the water running,” so to speak, business just seems to flow in effortlessly. That’s because marketing is a numbers game. If you do it consistently, you will get business. And, that’s a fact.

So yeah, take off. Enjoy Turkey Day – but not before you’ve met your blog marketing quota for the week.


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