Blogging Jobs: How Much Should You Charge to Blog?

As a freelance writer in the age of new media, blogging for pay is one of the many types of writing I do. I first started doing this at the beginning of this year. Initially, I set my rates for blogging by the seat of my pants. Meaning, I had no clue how much to charge.

Why It’s Hard to Price Blogging Jobs

Blogging jobs were hard for me to price because:

(i) it’s such a new medium that there are no “standard” rates;

(ii) client posting schedules can vary; and

(iii) how you post can vary.

As for number (i), this was easy to get around because freelance writing is kind of like this. As in, freelance writing rates tend to be all over the place.

As for number (ii), this is where it starts to get tricky. I have clients who want anything from once a week posting to five times a week posting. In this case, the obvious question is do you charge by the post or by the posting schedule (eg, one rate for a week’s worth of post).

Number (iii) presents a different conundrum. Some clients like for me to email them the posts, and they upload them. Others allow you to set up an account and you go in and post yourself. This means more time on your part.

So, just how do you price a blogging job?

How to Properly Price a Blogging Job

I take the following four things in consideration when pricing blogging jobs: (i) Subject matter/type of content request; (ii) Word count required; (iii) posting schedule; and (iv) manner of posting.

These four things cover every aspect of your time, which is what pricing any freelance writing job is all about. How much is your time worth? Answer this question successfully and you will be able to come up with a pricing schedule that works well for all blogging jobs that come your way.


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