Add content to the end of your posts and pages easily with End Content

Lee Doel (known as Slee in the forums) contacted me today about a new WordPress plugin he developed called end content. The plugin lets you add content to the end of a post, page or both.

My first thought when I heard about this plugin was ‘Can’t we do this already by just adding the code to the single.php and page.php files?. Of course, you can already place content at the end of your posts and pages by hard coding it but this plugin allows you to customise it so much more.

The main feature is the ability to add content to specified categories. For example, if you have a Paid Reviews section on your blog you could add a disclaimer at the bottom which tells readers that the review has been paid for. This disclaimer would only be shown on posts which are placed in the Paid Reviews category.

End Content

Lee has also added the option for you to use PAGE_TITLE or THE_AUTHOR in the content area so that you can show the page title or the author’s name (he is also planning on adding more tags in the future).

The plugin has a default CSS styling which can be activated in the options area however you can also customise this yourself by adding a ldcode class to your blog.

This is a great little plugin which I’m sure you will all find useful. Lee has suggested a few things that you can use this plugin for :

  • Signature
  • PayPal donate button
  • Advertisement

One thing I would love to see added to this plugin is the ability to add more than one type of content ie. the ability to add CONTENT1 to CATEGORY1 and CONTENT2 to CATEGORY2 etc. For example, you could use this to add a disclaimer to posts in your Paid Reviews category, a banner to posts in your Sponsors category and an information box in posts in your Site News category.


Placing content in certain areas of your blog can be hard coded but it requires a lot of IF, AND and OR statements. Adding this plugin is a much quicker, easier and more practical way of doing this so if you’re looking to add content to specific areas of your blog, I encourage you to check it out.

Link : end content


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