A quick and easy way to show your feedburner count

WordPress Superstar Joost de Valk has posted a quick and easy way of grabbing your feedburner count and displaying it on your blog. If you are using WordPress then you may already be aware this can already be achieved through the plugin FeedCount however this method will give you much more control over how you display your count.

All you need to do is add the PHP code to your blog template (eg. sidebar or footer etc) and remember to replace feedburner id with your blogs feedburner unique id. For example, for this blog I would replace it with blogging-tips.

Unfortunately, just like the FeedCount plugin, this method does not seem to work on accounts which have been migrated to Google. Those who haven’t migrated their Feedburner account will be able to use this method but unfortunately, this method will not work for those who moved their account to feedburner.google.com.

Kudos to Joost for this handy piece of code 🙂

Link : Showing off your FeedBurner subscribers


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