WordPress 2.7 looks gorgeous

By Kevin Muldoon | WordPress

Oct 19

Jane Wells posted some preview pics of the upcoming WordPress 2.7 a few days ago. The first screenshot shows you the new posting interface. As you can see, all the options which currently appear below your editor can now be found on the left hand side (except privacy options). A great improvement in my opinion.

Wordpress 2.7

The screenshot below shows the new dashboard. Some things have been removed whilst some new features have been added, including a handy quick post area.

Wordpress 2.7

I wasn’t really paying much attention to all the news about WP 2.7 but after seeing these shots I must admit I’m really looking forward to the release. :)

Link : The Visual Design of 2.7


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The Net Fool October 19, 2008


That new dashboard looks sexy 😎

Sarit October 19, 2008

Sexy? Try overbloated :sad:

Blogywalkie.com October 19, 2008

so sexy, this is what i must get when this is launch next time

what about my plugin compatibility???


Pavan Kumar October 20, 2008

I remember the Ad – I'm a PC / I'm a MAC

Kevin Muldoon October 20, 2008

Sarit – The dashboard does have a lot of info on it but I wouldn't go as far as saying it's overbloated.

Blogwalkie – Usually it isn't clear what plugins will work and what won't until it has been released. Whilst WordPress does support the plugin community etc, they can't program the stable release so that all plugins work.

Rajeev Edmonds October 20, 2008

The new interface is stunning. I am more impressed by the new plugin management feature. No more downloading of plugins separately and uploading via ftp.

1) Plugin searching from WordPress repository

2) One click installation

Both from within the Dashboard. Cooooool :mrgreen:

Here is a good review of WP 2.7


Clog Money October 20, 2008

God I hope that stats thing isn't on by default. I don't want to see how many people have visited my blog. I might get depressed 😉

interwebhunt October 20, 2008

It definiately looks sexy – and its nice to have all the info, but sometimes I want a slimmed down quick view too. Would be nice if they had a bare bones button to push where you could strip away everything but the post writer.

Ganesh October 20, 2008

Looks sexy. But I'd say its looking the WordPress.com dashboard which I don't like much. I prefer the old WordPress look.

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