Compare your blog to your competitors with Review My Web

Review My WebReview My Web is a new online comparison tool which compares your website with 2 competitors. All you have to do is enter your blogs URL, 2 comparison URL’s and your email address. An email will then be sent to you with a link to your report.

Each website is ranked in 4 areas :

  • Competitive Traffic Rankings
  • Search Engine (SEO) Competitive Analysis
  • Competitive Site Analytics
  • Social Media Analysis

In each area you get a rating out of 5. At the top of the report you get an overall rating out of 5 and at the bottom of the report you get a ‘ReviewMyWeb Detailed Report’.

I decided to compare Blogging Tips with Blog Herald and Blogging Pro, 2 good blogs which cover similar topics.

Competitive Traffic Rankings

I’m not 100% sure how the traffic rankings are calculated by I suspect that they use Alexa (a service which I don’t think is accurate) and/or Google Trends.

Competitive Traffic Rankings

Search Engine (SEO) Competitive Analysis

This section shows you two things : Backlinks Comparison and Coverage Comparison.

Backlinks Comparison shows you the number of backlinks for each site on Google, Yahoo and Ask.

Backlinks Comparison

Coverage Comparison shows you the number of indexed pages on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live and Ask.

Coverage Comparison

Competitive Site Analytics

This area shows you your blogs PageRank, description, keywords and keyword density. You can get this information on many services but most don’t compare this info with other websites so this is a nice addition.

Competitive Site Analytics

Social Media Analysis

This section simply shows you the number of links each site has on Google Blog Search and Technorati. Again, this is information which is easy to check yourself but it’s very hand to be able to just enter the URL of your site and others and just see the result without having to manually check it.

Social Media Analysis

ReviewMyWeb Detailed Report

At the end of the report you get a summary of how you performed. My report said :

Overall, your website is underperforming against your competition. From a marketer’s perspective, your web pages can be further optimized to drive more of the right viewers to your website. The section below contains a list of topical suggestions on how you can improve your website’s marketing effectiveness. These suggestions are provided based on how well you were rated in comparison to your competition.

After the summary it suggests how you can improve in the following areas :

  • Search Engine Page Rank
  • Backlinks
  • Indexed Page Coverage
  • Site Design
  • Social News – Blogs


The screenshots in this post show all the reports that Review My Web provides. Compared to many other online stat services it’s kind of basic but I actually quite like it because of this. If you want to quickly compare your blog to your competitors I recommend checking it out.

Link : Review My Web


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