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By Kevin Muldoon | Around The Blogosphere

Sep 02

Andrew G.R. from Jobacle wrote a post on Blog Herald today about the launch of a new blogging magazine from Bloghology.

Apparently an initial run of 40,000 copies will be available 4 times a year. Subscription for the printed version will cost $20 a year in Europe and €30 a year everywhere else. I would love to subscribe regularly to a blogging magazine so I hope that it proves to be a success. Perhaps by only publishing every quarter they will be able to put a lot more pages in the magazine.

I get about 4 or 5 affiliate related magazines sent to me every other month and although they are worth reading, I don’t think I’d bother paying for them. This is mainly because most of the magazines I get delivered have ads plastered all over it and most articles and interviews seem like an excuse to promote a company or product. Let’s hope this magazine doesn’t do the same.

I do hope I’m wrong and that my skepticism is way off target as there is definately a market for a blogging publication. If they make sure the magazine isn’t oversaturated by ads and make sure it has some substance I think they will be onto a winner, plus you need to remember the affiliate industry runs a little differently from the blogging one so maybe I shouldn’t be so skeptical in the first place. And with bloggers such as Stephan Millar and Ann Smarty contributing I’m sure it will be worth a read.

Thankfully, bloggers can receive the digital version of the magazine for free. All you need to do is subscribe via the link below. I’m going to sign up to the printed version so I’ll let you guys know what it’s like when the magazine is delivered. Apparently they are giving out 2,500 copies of the magazine at this years Blog World Expo so if you are attending the event remember to pick up a copy :)

Link : Subscribe to Bloghology


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Home Business Idead September 2, 2008

Advertisers will always be the blood of the business. I guess we will just have to tolerate their invasion in every page. But you are right, if they keep the content substantial for readers to want to subscribe, they will be attracting more "blood."

Stephan Miller September 3, 2008

There have been a few magazines that I would pay for, like Revenue. But I know what you mean and we hope to make Bloghology the best we can. Thanks for the link, Kevin.

Kevin Muldoon September 3, 2008

I actually get Revenue as well :)

Looking forward to seeing the first print.

Missy September 3, 2008

Would love an issue. This is not surprising, as blogging is a major field with a gazillion bloggers and blogs on the interwebs.

I won't be attending Blog World Expo this year, but will see where i can pick up an issue. Ebay?

Look forward to reading Bloghology.

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