3 Best Free Ways To Get Quick Visibility To Your Blog

A blog with less or no traffic is like a personal diary which no one other than you reads. With a zero traffic blog, you cannot expect to earn anything if earning from your blog is your primary aim. To get people coming to your blog, you need to be indexed in search engines and be at least a “someone” in the blogosphere. To be known in the internet, you can do so many things. You can write link bait articles, offer a guest post on a blog, and use adwords and so on. If you don’t have a monetization plan, I don’t recommend you to use adwords. Even if you have a monetization plan, don’t use adwords unless you know how to use it. Learn how to use adwords before using it.

I’m not going to explain how to use adwords in this post as this post is going to show you only the free ways, the best ones. The main reason why I recommend the below free ways is that few bloggers may not be good at writing link bait articles. Some bloggers cannot come up with a blog post that is good enough to be posted in another blog as a guest post. If you fall in this category, I recommend you to check the below ways as it will be getting you good visibility to your blog easily.

1. Submit Articles To Article Directories
You may have read so many articles which tell you to submit articles to article directories. This is because the method works and also it is free most of the times. There are so many article directories. Submitting your articles to every article directory is waste of time and is also not effective. It is better to submit your articles to the top article directories alone. I have had best results submitting my articles to EzineArticle, GoArticle, Article City and Buzzle. Few people advice to submit a single article to all the directories but I don’t recommend this. In my experience, I have learnt that your articles will not rank well in search engines if you do so.

2. Press Release
A press release can get your blog good traffic and visibility. There are both free and paid versions of press release. The free version will be enough if you can write a quality press release. The paid versions will get lot traffic and if you can afford it, I suggest you to give it a try after learning how to write a press release. Press release will get you good result only when you do it the right way. If you want to try press release, read this article on how to write a press release. You can get a list of free press release sites here.

3. Social Networking Sites
Social networking sites are one another way to get people to your blog and become known in the internet. Whenever people see your blog address, they keep it in mind and return to it when they need to know something about which you write in your blog. I have seen people using twitter to get readers for their blog. The links in twitter get shortened and as a result your blog url will not be visible. I always like to use the blog’s name before I post the link. If I want to link to this article in twitter, I would update with something like this:

BloggingTips.Com – Free Ways To Get Traffic: link goes here

This would ensure that people will know the domain where the article is from and will return in future. To get more people to see your updates, you need to have more friends. You can get more twitter friends using the same ways I use. You can also use other social networking sites like facebook, myspace etc.

Have you tried these free traffic ways before? Have they given you any good result? Please share your views in the comments.

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