The good ol boys network

Trey Anderson from Slashbe left a comment today asking if the Reader Blog Critique was going to be a playground for the good ol’ boys network.

I thought I would take the time to respond to this in a post because when I setup this new feature I knew that the minimum requirements I setup could exclude a lot of bloggers and I was concerned about how that could be viewed.

Here’s a reminder of the requirements :

  • Blogs are at least 3 months old (but preferably at least 6 months)
  • Blogs have a minimum of 250 subscribers (although more is preferable)
  • The blog is actively updated on a regular basis

As you can see, these requirements do exclude a lot of bloggers however I did not want readers to review a blog extensively only for it to be dropped by the blogger a few weeks later. In the last year or so I have helped a lot of bloggers via email with WordPress and CSS problems they had and when I checked back on their blogs a while later I frequently find that the blog is no longer updated. I do like helping people and I do appreciate that blogging can be hard and bloggers move onto other things but it does illustrate my point that new blogs are more likely to be dropped by their owner.

Also, the min requirements are not set in stone and I would much rather review a blog which has been online for 2 months and has had 5 posts a week than a year old blog thats updated once a month as clearly the first blogger is more serious about their blog. However, if there were no min requirements in place it would appear that I was picking and choosing blogs with some agenda.

I just want to remind you all that I am not trying to exclude anyone and I want this to be fair. In the last 2 days I’ve had over a dozen applications. Many of these blogs have been up a few months but have only been updated once every month. More annoyingly, I have been disappointed that the majority of bloggers who asked to be reviewed have not taken the time to partipate in the first critique. I want this to be fair which is why I think that bloggers who take the time to take part in the critique every week should have their blogs reviewed before others.

As with anything on BloggingTips, feedback is welcome (positive and negative!) 🙂

Elitism in the Blogosphere

The good ol boys network is something which many readers many think exists in the Blogopshere. This is something I have read a few bloggers say in the comment area of blogs and I can understand why it comes across that way as it does seem that more popular blogs only seem to link to other popular blogs.

However, you need to understand why this is the case. Larger blogs are more likely to break news than smaller blogs therefore they are more likely to be linked to. Due to this bloggers are more likely to subscribe to newsfeeds which frequently break news (I do this myself). I spoke about this a few months ago in my post ‘Why many aspects of blogging gets easier as you become more popular‘.

So basically :

  • Successful blogs are more likely to break news
  • Successful blogs keep tabs on other blogs which break news

This is why popular blogs tend to link each other more 🙂


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