Unique Blog Designs are getting better and better

Blog DesignUnique Blogging Designs exploded onto the blogging scene last Summer with the redesign of popular bloggers John Chow and Jeremy Schoemaker‘s blog. They built on this success and did designs for the likes of Zac Johnson, EntreCard and Fat Man Unleashed.

I do like all of these designs however there is no denying that for the first few months most Unique Blog Designs looked very similar. In particular, the header and footer of these blog designs were pretty much the same. There were a few blogs that I came across which I instantly knew had been designed by them because of this. They got criticism from some bloggers because of this, the common view being Unique Blog Designs were not really that unique. For example former WPDesigner chief Small Potato certainly didn’t hold back with his review of UBD last year.

Getting Better & Better

Over the last few months UBD have been producing some fantastic blog designs. They really have improved over the last 6 months and some of their latest blog designs are impressive.

Here are a few examples to illustrate my point .

Unique Blog Designs Home Page

The home page of a design company has to highlight what they can do and UBD have certainly did that with their recent redesign of their home page. The design looks clean and professional and showcases all of their past designs.

Unique Blog Designs

Nate Whitehill

Nate is one of the co-founders of UBD. His blog was redesigned in May and was an early indication of their new style of design.

Nate Whitehill

SEI Design Group Blog

With a left and right sidebar, you would be forgiven for thinking that this site was powered by a CMS like PHP Nuke. I’m not usually a fan of designs this dark but I was quite impressed with this one.

Matt Blancarte

This redesign was only launched today. Like Nate’s redesign, the theme is clean and professional. The social media area underneath posts is pretty cool and blends in well with the rest of the site.


Whether you are a programmer, writer or designer, it’s important to continue to learn new skills and improve. Clearly the UBD team have been doing this. They are now using images less obviously to compliment their designs and general spacing and alignment has improved too. Little things like social media and twitter integration have been added to their designs too.

I’m sure we will see some good designs from them over the next few months (UBD co-founder Josh Mullineaux‘s blog has not had a new design so I’m sure that will be upgraded soon). I’ve seen a lot of good blog design companies appear over the last year and without doubt, Unique Blogging Designs is one of the best of them. If you’re looking for a professional design for your blog I recommend checking them out 🙂


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