Has FaceParty been hacked?

By Kevin Muldoon | Internet News

Jun 24

It seems that popular UK Social Networking site FaceParty may have been hacked. As it stands just now the site is down and the home page has been replaced with a message to ‘The Haterz’

I have seen a few sites reporting that FaceParty have put this offensive message to members because of the negative comments they were receiving from members. However, I am a little sceptical. It is more likely the site has been hacked or they are doing this to make the internet sit up and notice them (they’ve lost a lot of ground to FaceBook and Bebo).

The Wikipedia entry for FaceParty has already been modified to reflect this change today.

On June 24th 2008, Faceparty closed for an undisclosed period of time due to bad feedback and comments from members of the site. The site was closed with a message in its place stating the reason, but making no mention of exactly when the site would re-open. This kind of agressive tactic in dealing with negative feedback has recently become quite common on Faceparty, and users who have paid for Cool Tools or subscribed to the pay-monthly AVS feature prior to this temporary site closure are likely to be unhappy with this action being taken and many will be questioning the legality of the action on the basis that many paying members are being denied the services they are paying for with a very questionable justification from Faceparty itself. It is likely that many paying members will cancel their memberships if the site is down for an extended period of time, as Faceparty is highly unlikely to refund any of it’s members.

There is a chance that this notice may be taken down after a day or so. Therefore here is the message in full (click on the image to see it full)

(you can see an uncensored version of this image here)

Has FaceParty been hacked, are they trying to generate some buzz around their site or are they genuinely pissed off with members. I’m not sure however I’m sure we’ll find out over the next few days :)


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