Has FaceParty been hacked?

By Kevin Muldoon | Internet News

Jun 24

It seems that popular UK Social Networking site FaceParty may have been hacked. As it stands just now the site is down and the home page has been replaced with a message to ‘The Haterz’

I have seen a few sites reporting that FaceParty have put this offensive message to members because of the negative comments they were receiving from members. However, I am a little sceptical. It is more likely the site has been hacked or they are doing this to make the internet sit up and notice them (they’ve lost a lot of ground to FaceBook and Bebo).

The Wikipedia entry for FaceParty has already been modified to reflect this change today.

On June 24th 2008, Faceparty closed for an undisclosed period of time due to bad feedback and comments from members of the site. The site was closed with a message in its place stating the reason, but making no mention of exactly when the site would re-open. This kind of agressive tactic in dealing with negative feedback has recently become quite common on Faceparty, and users who have paid for Cool Tools or subscribed to the pay-monthly AVS feature prior to this temporary site closure are likely to be unhappy with this action being taken and many will be questioning the legality of the action on the basis that many paying members are being denied the services they are paying for with a very questionable justification from Faceparty itself. It is likely that many paying members will cancel their memberships if the site is down for an extended period of time, as Faceparty is highly unlikely to refund any of it’s members.

There is a chance that this notice may be taken down after a day or so. Therefore here is the message in full (click on the image to see it full)

(you can see an uncensored version of this image here)

Has FaceParty been hacked, are they trying to generate some buzz around their site or are they genuinely pissed off with members. I’m not sure however I’m sure we’ll find out over the next few days :)


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Joe June 25, 2008

No they didnt get hacked. Earlier this year they reported moving their servers in house. So should someone have hacked the website it wouldnt take no more then 30 minutes to get the webpage back.

To further the non-been-hacked claim:

The admin has posted a topic today, no news on being hacked…

A lot of people reported the website worked after midnight, coincidence? No.. a script…

Andy June 25, 2008

No they didn't get hacked, I've been on the site since 2001 and over the last two or three years I've seen the site become more and more ageist, starting with limiting the age for certain chat rooms, placing constant reminders to users under 20 to be aware of internet pedophiles and at times practically accusing anyone over the age of 30 that has a computer of being an internet predator and or pedophile.

The owner himself is about my age, 40. He tries very hard to act sound like a teenager when he writes on the site. He lied about new laws forcing him to delete millions of users over the age of 36 when in fact there are no new laws. The laws he sites state ONLY the following: Those convicted of a crime against a minor must registrar their email address with the authorities. It says nothing about social networking, nothing about forcing site administrators to check the "list", nothing about limiting access to anyone on the "llist".

Apparently the site owner read half a news article about the registration requirement and then jumped to conclusions and saw an opportunity to remove older users and promote his site as free of older users. Some younger users prefer a site that has no one over 30 or 36.

I remember when faceparty was fun, when I had contact with people of all ages but now that's gone forever. Many of us now refuse to befriend anyone who has a faceparty profile. Ageist only leads to other things, what's next? No users that are physically disabled? No users of a certain color?

Vicky July 28, 2008

I am VERY upset at the whole "you need a password f***ers" thing. I had my account for a long time. I wasnt inactive for 20 days and get deleted. I cant even make a new one because of the password thing! This pisses me off because I love Faceparty. I have been on Faceparty since 02 and now this…. πŸ‘Ώ

vanda August 10, 2008

I thought I was bad with my PMT, but some of the staff at Faceparty seem to have that thing called IOMS (Irritable old man sydrome) lol. I have never been into a site where they tell you, you are too old…never been to a club where the doorman says..sorry luvv your're not coming in, cause your too old!! Thats ridiculous…if Faceparty wants to cater for just younger people, good luck to them as those younger people will in the end themselves get older unless the owners of Faceparty have access to Dr Who's tardis and change time!!! lol In the end Faceparty will be a thing of the past, only on watchdog's black list of internet companies who have bad, really bad customer service….!!

Hayley August 15, 2008

I logged in today to be confronted by "God Save the Queen Anthem" and a mock up of the queen with a bag over her head and she is swearing and going. Then a map of great Britain made up of cocks appears. At the top of the screen it said Happy christmas Pedo and then they send me an email with a present that says "open". Inside is a baby and it has a knife and fork against it! Now i'm not a prude but I think this is a disgrace and no wonder youngsters have no respect for anyone or anything. I'm 29 and wonder if they were trying out oust me out of the site for being over a certain age. I basically went onto the chat room to ask how to get my profile removed and after a few people told me to get a life I had my profile automatically removed!! The hosts dont give a shit and are just encouraging a nation of young people who dont give a shit and have no respect etc!! I would like to know if there is anywhere we can report faceparty as surely something this disgusting and degrading should be regulated??

Andy August 15, 2008

Faceparty is a Disgrace, i couldn’t care less that they’ve cancelled my account after flaming them. it seems they are so pathetic they cant take anyone telling them what they think of their site. The fact the would make a joke out of paedophilia makes me sick, if they hadn’t cancelled my account i would of closed it anyway. its not like i use it anyway considering they are in no comparison as well used as Facebook, and what is their excuse? that they’re are “conformists” lol don’t make me laugh your a social network begging for people to join the difference is your time is long up and no one wants to use your half arsed site anymore. so stop trying with the pathetic cries for help. as for closing down when people have paid to use your site. yeah im pretty sure you’ll be hearing from alot of members good luck with that. You just shot yourself in the foot not that your failing site needed to lose members any quicker than you already are!

dannywizzle August 17, 2008

well it seems it's got to a point where it's got to much, my opinion faceparty is near to a end and their takeing the piss out of the members there loseing many members because of this rubbish very abusive website it's sad to see this happen to a site that was the first social networking and chat, i've always used facepartyfor years.. but it's been overtaken by uneducated abuseive teenagers it's crazy it actally needs to be shutdown i'm sorry faceparty you need to get back to you're old ways, faceparty is heading down the wrong road and needs to revamp there whole website because it's just not right. i try to look for a descent conversations but it's hard with many teenagers who just call you names abuse you with childish name calling and why does the admin let it happen shell i tell you why because their site is heading for a shutdown so thay don't care anymore πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ and shame on you faceparty thanks for chucking out the geniune members who paid for cool tools this is why you have so many haters and people who are angry with you're website it does not take anyone with brains to figure that one out. πŸ˜•

Vicky August 17, 2008

By some serious luck I managed to find the password to the site. They are very cruel so if you dont have that mentality then dont waste your time lol. Do NOT ask them about removing your account, they will chew you up and spit u out…then repeat it. Do I want them shut down? Not yet…there could be some sort of change. They continue with the whole "lets eat babies" thing though, I think someone (like the authorities) will shut them down.

zack August 18, 2008

Hi Vicky,

How did you manage to get the password? They deleted my account without any reason not like I enjoy the site but had good friends that I would like to keep in touch with them! Email me the password if possible, regards! Zack_peel@yahoo.com

Callie August 18, 2008

You can report the Faceparty site to the Internet Regulator, the IWP. Their website is iwp.org.uk, and has an option linking from the homepage to enable you to report a website.

LinkGuru Web Directo August 18, 2008

it might be possbile that it is hacked.

because now a days hacking has just turned into an official work. people are paid against this type of hacking. 😈

sammy August 19, 2008

no faceparty has not been hacked, and what's the point of being a social networking site if you can't join and be part of there community because you need a stupid secret password. i'm sure faceparty is on it's last legs otherwise they would not be doing the sick stuff like cutting up babies and being paedophiles and eating babies and all the other random sick stuff.

and all the other sick stuff the whole site is covered with abuse bad language i've never known a site with such abuse i aint a hater it's just who's running faceparty now it seems thay don't give a dam and my opinion seems they want to have the last laugh before the site gets shutdown it's a shame really i've keeped an eye on faceparty for ages to get a password to join because thay deleted my account for no reason and that was random without a warning.

i've made many good friends from faceparty and still keep in touch with them, but i've lost alot of great friends to because thay deleted half of the members and deleted me it's soooo stupid maybe this is why thay have many haters who complain about there website :sad:

Paul August 19, 2008

I think many of you are acctuly missing the point of that vid/the website theme. The whole point of all this is the press/media totaly over exagurating the threat from paedofiles, or indeed any threat at all. The media are turning the UK into a nation of fear where people cant let their children out of their sight for more than 10 seconds. Of course caution is needed but not at the expence of their childhood, they should still be allowed to be kids rather than being cooped up inside all day being told to fear everyone and not to set foot outside their own front door. The whole point of the theme of the site is facepartys reputation as full of paedofiles (Not one known incident of paedofilia linked to faceparty by the way) and the panic stired by the mass media.

unknown August 19, 2008

i suppose you're right paul, but rememeber 1 thing bro why has everyone moaned and complained about faceparty.. ask you're slefs that :roll: maybe because thay got deleted and paid for cooltools got deleted for nothing lost all their friends with out a warning ?????????????????? so thay keeped the insane kids and covered the Whole site with abuse :roll: give me a break LOL πŸ˜† their was many geniune users on faceparty that got deleted they was the best members remember :roll: Ho well that's the last of me ranting about a site who needs GROWNUPS TO RUN IT INSTEAD OF KIDS hehehehe sorry capitals

Gav August 19, 2008

Anyone here up for creating a new kind of social site a complete opposite to faceparty im after creating a new one but will need peoples help faceparty has just gone down hill

chris August 21, 2008

well after today i officially hate faceparty, they have deleted me with no notice and i have lost some good pictures that i had on there and now i cant get back in cos of the invite system so through all intents and purposes i hope they get sued. If ya ask me theyre just engineerin their own downfall now cos i certainly wont use them again!!!!!

CWR August 22, 2008

I began to think Faceparty was going down the wrong route a few months ago when images telling me to 'F' off were found every page. It's a shame considering I've had an account since 2001/02, but they're definately getting sicker now!

Logging on today, I find them mimicking my head of state with a bag over her head, suggesting she eats kids, then saying "Merry Xmas Pedos" on the main page. That's the last straw for me and I'm going to ask them to delete my profile.

Surely the site should be reported to the authorities???

Chris August 24, 2008

Just a little sidestep on the original comment, but ive heard lots of complaints from female members on faceparty, who have received lewd comments from the admin via email, while under age. I think there's probably one pedo aged over 36 left on the site………

jason August 25, 2008

to be Honest i don't care anymore about faceparty. i can't invite my friends and for some reason they deleted my account for no reason all because i wanted to invite my friends to their site, it's full of abusive people the admins have gone crazy the whole site has Gone down hill no one cares anymore it's totaly disgrace and i'm really sure the site is gonna be shutdown soon because they would not be doing this to their site my advice enjoy while faceparty is still alive sad :sad:

and this information is for the admins. why did you let childish abusive people on you're website.. and deleted the genuine users for who paid for cooltools you load of sad people it was a great website before you deleted members for no reason you seriously need to get you're act together before you do get shutdown sooner.

and by the way it's got more childish their still deleteing accounts for no reason and it won't be long before they have no members at all LOL πŸ˜•

michelle August 25, 2008

i cant seem to get on face party at all, it put the announcment up and wont carry on to log on, does anyone know why this is?

Matt F August 26, 2008

Weather its been hacked or not all I know is that my account was inactiv for a few weeks whilst this was going on and now my account has been deleted with no explanation. I agree that it probably hasnt been hacked but it would be good to find out what did happen.

tom August 27, 2008

Paul wtf are you talking about! id have understood if ud said the press hypes the fuel shortages up or the fact that the UK is heading in to a recession and will not admit it. But pedophilia is a serious problem and the fact the press is trying to make it apparant to children that if you meet people off the internet you are taking a risk, is excelent! Period!

Now im not saying that faceparty is right ether, because i found the video offencive and crud, is it nessecery to mock the Queen? i meen when the hell was she in am anti peado campaign? and wtf is the baby eating and map of england made of cocks about? To be honist with you people its become obvous that faceparty is on the ropes due to the corprate sites like myspace and bebo. I particualy love the snide coment about them and the fact they make no money for mthe users. erm hello millions of people payed for cool tools etc where did all that money go? haha and if they are bitter about being crushed by the corprate sites for not selling out, well thats your fault faceparty not the users of the site!

sharon greasby August 28, 2008

Today visited faceparty im no longer a member and never did like the site much but i was checking out some websites and was gob smacked when i saw faceparty, this site should be removed i found it totally sick and the owner of the site should be ashamed how do these websites get to stay live so long without something been done? i think everyone should report it and get it removed. i tried going to iwp.org.uk but the site is not there anyone know of where a complaint can be put.

trythis August 29, 2008


also don't forget facepic.com is still around and just as good as faceparty ever was and facepic gives the "tools" with the free membership, I've been on both sites since 2001.

jack August 30, 2008

ok let’s all get to the fucking point here. faceparty never use to be like this once, and for some reason when they was brought out Ho yes it started to go down HILL……… thye started with the abuse uneducated topics gossips racists cutting up babies eating babies paedophile themes sick stuff posted all over the website ……..and yes some JOKER brought out faceparty so he could have the last laugh fucking sick tosser get a life ADMIN 😐

    david May 17, 2011

    i agree jack he should get a life this is all so wrong but we can put it right mate get a petition and get this site closed for good then will see who has the last laugh lol we will hehehee

bea August 31, 2008

can anyone send me the passwork plz i wanna get on its betty_boop16@hotmail.co.uk x

amber August 31, 2008

why did they do this they are so perfetic really y cant they just mack there own page but come on haking in to sites like this they are so so so stuped really why cant they just piss off because they are roring other peoples fun they are just a wast of time 😈 😈 😈 😈 you are stuped people go to hell 😈 😈 😈 😈 dooom on you dom on you dom on you dom on you dom on you dom on you dom on you 😈 😈 😈 😈

sally September 4, 2008

they seriously need help, and i don't hardly care anymore faceparty is full of childish stupid teenagers..faceparty was a great site once now it's owned by NoBS people who don't know how to run a chat-site….my opinion their site is near to a shut down because they aint letting people join because you need a secret password. the password was a lie and only sent out to a very very few people

and if you think carefully the odd random sick stuff on the website lately it's not very grownup and very childish, and it's sad they delete accounts for no reason i felt sorry for the peopole who brought cool-tools and lost out for no reason and the genuine users lost out very very sad


12345 September 10, 2008

my sister account got deleted for no reason and she is only 18 she is trying to get back on faceparrty ive even tryed to invite her but it keeps saying oops error does my head i reallly dont no why she wonts to get bk on facepary when its just the same as it was.

bettyboohoo September 27, 2008

maybe one of the corporate sites has sabotaged it to turn all its members against it so they go to theirs?

chris g October 19, 2008

I just went on and it said I have to give up all my rights to be a member anymore. Whilst telling me to F off etc…… So I said no to losing rights and it delted me. Very strange.

steve October 19, 2008

i remember when faceparty use to be ''Great'' you could make many new friends and even meet if you wanted to. but for some reason it's full of abusive teenagers and assholes who have no reason to be on faceparty at all,.

and it's hard to find a good conversation on faceparty without being called a cunt and Prick for no reason, the chat is totally full of abuse and the gossip is going down Hill and the site is full of Bad language..and another thing that does not make sense why did they delete the genuine members for who paid for their memberships and lost all their friends and replaced with the total disgusting teenagers.

(i used faceparty begining of this year till they started deleteing members) but for some off reason i was deleted because i was to old. i'm geniune 42 years old male truck driver clean and i repect everyone and they treated all their loyal members like rubbish and replaced them with stupid assholes who aint got a clue to have a descent conversation they speak Bad language and they think they own the place but they don't own nothing they only own the stupid mindless gossip and chat that's full of abuse and crazy rubbish makes me laugh the whole stupid site to be Honest i'm surprised faceparty is still around πŸ˜₯

chop_chop October 24, 2008

Basically, all you people whinging about how "sick" it is, grow a sense of humour. If you don't like a show on TV, you won't watch! Same applies, you don't like the website? Don't log on. I've been an active member for a fair few years, and while it has had it's ups and downs, it is a fun site, and I'm not going to stop using it.

BTW, the whole "Merry Xmas Pedos" thing made me laugh!!!

wizzle October 26, 2008

:lol:.. it makes me laugh the whole thing OMG , it's the teenagers on you're website that are wrecking faceparty. and this information is for the ADMINS. look very carefully and do some Research and maths before you go deleteing members something aint so right about half of the members on faceparty alot of them are 2 faced bastards with serious problems. it's probably them doing nasty reviews about faceparty i've done alot of the maths and it adds up it's the 2-faced people on faceparty shell i tell you why i found it seriously hard to communicate with half the community that are weird and 2 faced people and they don't wanna make Genuine friends they would rather call you strange names and it's the same old crew on gossip forums. i really love faceparty but please get it right i've seen many great people vanish over the past couple of months.

ok faceparty admins do the maths and carefully look at the members it will all ADD up at the end of the day faceparty is a great site but i can't stand these people anymore nothing genuine comes from their mouths anymore it's all fucking crap :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Big Brother October 28, 2008

well faceparty is official dead now.

Sandalphon October 31, 2008

I believe they may well have been hacked.

I have had a cyberstalker and harasser since 2001, who was finally arrested twice in april 2008. He used the id RonnieLockstock, that is how i was able to find and trace him to his real life identity, and is how i found him in the early hours of one morning in january 2008. I found him live online on faceparty.com on his own kinky profile, and i watched him converting his own profile to one about myself and my partner. I sat there taking live screenshots of his activities as evidence for the Police. I have screenshots showing his name, his own images, and starting to replace textual information about him, with lies about myself and my partner. Then a screenshot of his name with images of me, our names and address, lies about us, and an invitation to anyone reading the profile to visit us and violently attack us.

I received an email from RonnieLockstock in october 2001, in which he freely admits to being a qualified computer hacker, and admitting to hacking my computer and stealing email passwords and other personal information. This man has made our lives hell, and I believe it is absolutely possible that he could have hacked faceparty.com,

Nikita charlene gill November 10, 2008

eyya (:

I was wondering what's happend to facebook and face party,

cause like it's fucked up again !

and I need to reset my password for facebook ¬_¬


Nikky (:


Nikita charlene gill November 10, 2008

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Abbie November 10, 2008

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Alex Martin November 10, 2008

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Nikita charlene gill November 10, 2008

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But now it's like stupid it's crap now


Nikita charlene gill November 10, 2008

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Nikita charlene gill November 10, 2008

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Alex Martin November 10, 2008

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Nikita charlene gill November 10, 2008

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Nikita charlene gill November 10, 2008

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Nikita charlene gill November 10, 2008

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Dren November 10, 2008

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Dren November 10, 2008

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Abbie November 10, 2008

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Nikita charlene gill November 10, 2008

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Dren November 10, 2008

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Nikita charlene gill November 10, 2008

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Ryan walsh November 10, 2008

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John November 10, 2008


Im having real difficulty canceling my AVS that I bought many months ago when faceparty was good. I tried contacting Faceparty loads of time but no luck – can anyone help?

Thanks John

Nikita charlene Gill November 11, 2008

hello (:

don't forget to add my bebo


dan November 13, 2008

hard to find a decent conversation on faceparty these days, the communities are slowly vanishing and the admins don't give a fuck either i remember you could meet up with great people but it seems it's full of rubbish and stupid teenagers who talk random with no reason to make friends just slag eash others off.. noooooo way am i returning back to faceparty till they make people join again it's the same old people on forums and shoutout box hardly anyones uses faceparty anymore weird lot of people use it now……………………

jimbott November 17, 2008

i went to ask members for the secret stupid childish fucking password for my mates, and all i got was random rubbish nothing resolved just sad little girls asking me out and about my body i swear it's all a big scam my advice MOVE ON TO FACEBOOK INSTEAD OF THIS MINDLESS CRAP their are many sites then this crap what aload of crap sorry to RANT it's just ive never known such crap…you ask a simple question you will get aload of rubbish

Mr. Scott Aron John December 9, 2008

Who ever owns or runs this blog,

Needs to get there facts right.

Not everyone over 30 or 36, My Mum AKA FP-Profile: NovelIdea, My Aunty Donna, My Mum's EX-Husband AKA FP-Profile: CrayJayJay, & My Boyfriend Jon AKA FP-Profile: Stewie,

Are all over 30+ & there still around.

FP deleted people for many reasons, from having more than one FP Profile, Cam Whores, Fakers, Dodge People, People without any Face Pictures or Photos, Moaners, Cry Babies.

Its not your right or my right to have FREE FACEPARTY.COM PROFILE & If you paid for Cool Tools or AVS & You got deleted you were able to claim back your money for Cool Tools & AVS for a full refund once you sent a copy oy your Passport & name of address.

Shadowwhisper December 10, 2008

I got bored of reading all your comments to be honest. You're all having ago at faceparty for how disgusting and cruel it is etc. Get a sense of humour you're only upset cause you got your ass handed to you. Its not like Faceparty was going round saying 'EAT A BABY NOW' It was a joke a sick fantastic wonderful joke. It isn't a bunch of retarded asbo teenagers left on the site either. It seems to me the majority of the members left on the site are those that actually use the site alot and actually talk. These members read grim rita pages (farewell grimrita) use the gossip forums and the chat. They don't just occasionally go on there to see if they have a message like no doubt most of you did. So what if you've been a member since 2001 if you only use the site once a year then whats the point you being there. Oh and just because i'm 20 doesn't mean i'm another stupid teenager. I'm actually a manager of a shop which is a big responsability, have my own home and constantly help any one i can. So shut up moaning you bunch of cocks and get a sense of fucking humour

mike December 10, 2008

Quote from Shadowwhisper

"just because i’m 20 doesn’t mean i’m another stupid teenager. I’m actually a manager of a shop which is a big responsability"

Mcdonalds doesnt count.

Shadowwhisper December 10, 2008

Aha omg you're so funny. I've never worked in that place and i wouldn't want to. Plus how fucking stupid are you that isn't a shop its a fast food place. I don't even eat there eugh

geoff December 12, 2008

looks like grim-rita is history, and people are pissed off and wars are going on and it looks like faceparty is near to a end ? silly really to to be Honest grim-rita was great she brought sense of humour to the site

aSFGDFJXGSFADGCHBN December 28, 2008

leave faceparty alone ok, they had a routh time with all the pricks already, how would you like someone knocking down you're door and wanting you shutdown they even had some nob sueing them over cooltools how crazy.

some people need to growup and learn how to stop childish things. faceparty has done alot lately to there site made it funky and cool. but some poeple act like nobs and be complete morons instead weird world

Jorden September 4, 2010

does anyone know how i report someone for using my pictures on that website and claiming to be me?? i have rung the police and they say i have to contact the website but it has no numbers emails or way to report people??

james May 18, 2011

People why don't you get Faceparty put on the news get it publicity and show the news room what you have to put up with this is not on. i been with faceparty since i was 20 something like that and i found my account deleted for no reason now i know why cause off this nasty message they left. GET FACEPARTY SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD LOL i would

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