Why don’t Sphinn users desphinn?

SphinnIn the last day or so I have been familiarising myself with the Sphinn community. As I mentioned yesterday, in the past I never really made the effort to become an active member in a social media site. Sphinn is definately the site to change this. I am still a newbie there but I have seen enough to know that Sphinn is a great community and a great place to find good articles.

At the moment there is one thing which I think needs improving within the community : no one seems to cast negative votes on article suggestions. On Digg this is known as bury but on Sphinn you have the option to ‘Desphinn’ a post which you don’t think is good. It’s a feature I was always aware of but one which I never really paid attention to until I came across an article tonight on Sphinn.

The post I found was a small ‘Links Roundup’ type post which had 4 or 5 links to some sites the author had found. There was nothing inherently wrong with this post per say, I myself post a links roundup every week. However in my opinion the post should not have been Sphinned as it was only 4 or 5 lines long and fell short of the high standard of posts I have seen listed in the community so far. It’s also worth pointing out that the post was suggested by the blog author himself.

I was going to Desphinn the suggestion but as a newbie I wasn’t sure if it was in my best interests to do this (yeah I’m a chicken who didn’t want to rock the boat!). So I decided to search through the hot topics and whats new tabs categories to see how common Desphinning was. Turns out it isn’t common at all. I must have clicked on 50+ articles and not one had a Desphinn. Only by searching for the term ‘Desphinn‘ was I able to find some articles which had been Deshpinned and these articles were related to the Desphinn feature itself.

Of course, articles which are Deshpinned are going to be harder to find because casting a negative vote on an article pushes it further down the list, that is the whole point of Desphinning afterall.

So are Sphinn users scared of casting a negative vote incase someone does the same to their site or simply because they don’t want to be rude? I don’t think so. I think most users are just not in the habit of using the Desphinn option. If they like an article they will vote for it, if they don’t like an article they will not vote for it.

The standard of articles which reach the top seem to be pretty good so perhaps the Desphinn button is only used for truly awful article suggestions. 🙂

How often do you cast a negative vote on social media sites like Sphinn and Digg?


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