Whats your opinion of PeelAwayAds?

Blogging Tips forums member airraid81 posted a thread the other day asking what everyone thinks of Peel Away Ads. My initial response was that I’m still not sure whether to use them however I have decided to give them a try.

What are Peel Away Ads?

Peel Away Ads are advertisements which are placed at the top right hand of your website page. There is a small image at the top right hand side which resembles a page being turned up slightly. It looks like this :

Peel Away Ads

When a visitor moves their mouse over the image at the top right hand side the page appears to peel away to reveal an advertisement. This method allows a large banner advertisement to be tucked away without annoying visitors.

Peel Away Ads

Peel Away Ads started to become quite popular at the end of last year and blogs such as John Chow and Tyler Cruz have been using them for some time. I signed up to AdToll in March and added a Peel Away advert to BloggingTips but I removed it after a day or so. There were not many blogs using them at the time and I was concerned visitors may find them distracting.

They seem to be more common now and I assume readers are more used to them so I decided to add them again for a while.

What do you think of Peel Away Ads? I’d love to hear what readers think about them ie. do you find these ads obtrusive, have you used them?


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