Whats your opinion of PeelAwayAds?

By Kevin Muldoon | Making Money

Jun 11

Blogging Tips forums member airraid81 posted a thread the other day asking what everyone thinks of Peel Away Ads. My initial response was that I’m still not sure whether to use them however I have decided to give them a try.

What are Peel Away Ads?

Peel Away Ads are advertisements which are placed at the top right hand of your website page. There is a small image at the top right hand side which resembles a page being turned up slightly. It looks like this :

Peel Away Ads

When a visitor moves their mouse over the image at the top right hand side the page appears to peel away to reveal an advertisement. This method allows a large banner advertisement to be tucked away without annoying visitors.

Peel Away Ads

Peel Away Ads started to become quite popular at the end of last year and blogs such as John Chow and Tyler Cruz have been using them for some time. I signed up to AdToll in March and added a Peel Away advert to BloggingTips but I removed it after a day or so. There were not many blogs using them at the time and I was concerned visitors may find them distracting.

They seem to be more common now and I assume readers are more used to them so I decided to add them again for a while.

What do you think of Peel Away Ads? I’d love to hear what readers think about them ie. do you find these ads obtrusive, have you used them?


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Yuwanda Black June 11, 2008

I don't like'em Kevin. Expecially when they're so big that the mouse keeps accidently running over it causing the darn thing to "expose itself."

However, yours is small and not obtrusive. I say keep it.


Sumesh June 11, 2008

Maybe I'm the odd sheep here, but it looks awesome. The current graphic is flashy, but waaayy lower than what I see on JohnChow.com and other ad-filled sites. Besides, peeling over means that there is minimal fuss until peel over, and it is a user generated action that triggers the ads(intentional or otherwise).

Much better solution than those huge banners screaming ADS…ADS.

Having said that, most people would put the banners AND peel away ads :)

One thing to keep it unobtrusive would be to ensure that the peel away ad is not in-your-face when seen in your target audience's monitor resolution (in BT, I suspect it is 1280px wide or above, which is what I am viewing at, and it seems okay).

Monika Mundell June 12, 2008

I can't stand them to be honest. To me they look tacky and scream sales. I guess I don't like to be sold to unless I want something desperately and most people would feel the same I think.

These peel away ads might be acceptable on a die hard sales page but in my opinion they do not belong onto a blog.

David Shaw June 12, 2008

I am still a little unsure about the peel-away ads. Cant seem to decide if I like them or not..

Will be interesting to see how others feel about them?

redwall_hp June 12, 2008

I agree with Sumesh.

Kevin Muldoon June 12, 2008

I decided to remove them…yeah I know I didn't really give them much chance after a day but the flashing image was doing my head in!! I might try them on one of my other blogs and see if I get any sales but I don't think I'll use them on any blogs which I am trying to present a professional image :)

Steven Bradley June 12, 2008

The first time I saw one I liked it, but since I've come to dislike them very much. The momentary flash while they load is far too annoying and I find myself reading blogs that use them less and less.

Cassie June 12, 2008

I've only seen one, and I won't mention the blog I saw it in cause I'm ashamed to say I even subscribe to it….but anyway. The one time I saw it I thought it was coooool. Fancy shmancy. However, I didn't notice that it flashed. I liked that when I moved my mouse away it promptly "rolled" back up.

I agree with your reasoning to take it off this blog though. I wouldn't put it on my own blog. My main goal is to build readership with content, not annoy my visitors with flashing ads.

Suzanne Franco June 13, 2008

I thought they were pretty cool the first few times I saw them – but as a marketer I feel like I'm always looking at those types of things from the "marketing" standpoint … and not from the reader standpoint.

I think to a large degree it depends on what type of blog and how many and what type of ads are already there. With a lot of other ads and a lot of "flash" it could be a bit much. Of course on a blog with no other ads it could jump out a bit too much too. Maybe on a blog where there are just a couple other ads on there. As mentioned the size would matter to me too – nothing to big.

Great blog and great topic! 😉 Suzanne

Poh Ee June 15, 2008

Personally, I like this Ads format very much. I got a 55% increase on my blog RSS sign up rate. Just my 2 cents.

Todd Andrews June 16, 2008

Like all marketing tactics I use, its all about results. They annoy me, but not as much as pop-ups. However, when it shows that they convert more sales for me, then I use them. When they don't, I don't.

Only rely on your personal preferences for small decisions, not ones that affect income.

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