My Top Commentators WordPress Plugin

Daily Blog Tips released a new wordpress plugin today entitled ‘My Top Commentators‘. Unlike other top commentators plugins, this plugin does not add a top commentators list to your sidebar. Instead it generates statistics about your commenters in your WordPress dashboard.

I removed the top commentators list from BloggingTips last year because it was being spammed and the ones making the top ten list were mostly the ones who were leaving short pointless and irrelevant comments which contributed nothing to the thread. This is why I quite like this plugin. It allows you and only you to see who is making the most comments. You can then decide how the top commentators are rewarded. For example, a thank you post every month. If you thanked the top 10 commentators every month then you can removed spammers from the list. Bottom line, it gives you complete control over how you reward your top commentators.

You can see stats for today, yesterday, this month, this year and last year. You can also generate stats for any given period by entering the start and finish date.

My Top Commentators Plugin

If you want to reward your commenters but your top list is being spammed, this is definately worth checking out. Good work Daniel 🙂

Link : My Top Commentators WordPress Plugin


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