Better Tags Manager WordPress Plugin

By Kevin Muldoon | WordPress Plugins

May 27

Keith Dsouza from Techie Buzz emailed me today to let me know about a new wordpress plugin he has released called Better Tag Manager. Keith decided to completely remove categories from his blog and and instead uses tags. Visitors can then search for posts using his Tag Cloud.

Better Tags Manager WordPress Plugin

Basically, this plugin lets you edit the tags of your posts more easily. More specifically, it allows you to edit the tags of posts from the main post area ie. you don’t have to go into each post indvidually to edit the tags. There is an option to tag all posts with the same keyword however in my opinion this kind of defeats the point of using tags in the first place.

Better Tags Manager

It’s a pretty straight forward plugin however if you use tagging a lot on your blog it’s definately worth checking out as it will speed up mass editing of tags :)

Link : Better Tags Manager WordPress Plugin


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