Do You Optimize Your Site for Mobile Users?

By Eric Odom | Blogging

May 23

Blog Optimization for Mobile Phone UsersTuesday night I accompanied a friend for a few hours of shopping on the Magnificent Mile here in Chicago. The stores we visited were, shall we say, not exactly the type of stores I spend money in. This gave me time to use my Blackberry to surf the web reading SEO related content on some of the blogs that I watch.

At some point while scanning through some blog SEO content, I realized several WordPress powered blogs looked much better on the Blackberry compared to others. Being the geek that I am, I had to know how they were doing it.

But first, why would this be important?

We talk a lot about optimizing our sites for search engines, but we also need to be constantly mindful of our readers and the way visitors access our pages. I mean, if I’m reading your blog via Blackberry, chances are that others are too. So, with this in mind, don’t you want to make the experience as pleasant as possible?

What did I find?
Good news for WordPress bloggers… Alex King has a plugin that automatically optimizes your blog for PDA users.

The plugin, WordPress Mobile Edition, creates an interface that pulls your post titles into a list and makes them align nicely on PDA screens. This is a simple and lightweight plugin for WordPress, and one that I highly recommend using.

Kevin also found FeedM8, a service that helps make your blog mobile ready.

Do you optimize your site for mobile users? If so, what tricks do you use?

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