Warning: You Might Be Doing This Mistake

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Mistake is something everyone does in their life. But if you know that it is a mistake what you are doing, you shouldn’t probably continue doing it. Many people who enter the web world to make money, do a mistake of not sticking long to anything they do. It is their eagerness to earn more money which is making them do the mistake.

Let me be clear and to the point. Many people are joining the ‘make money online’ world everyday. It takes a lot of time for them to find a way that works well. Few people go with blogging, few with article marketing, and some people go with internet marketing which involves building mailing list, building trust and selling products to the list.

Stick With What Works
The truth is that many people almost don’t find a way of making money online. If you have found a working way, you should call yourself a lucky person. But you are unlucky if your mind is shifting towards different things all the time. If you have decided to blog, stick with it for a long time. You cannot become a six figure earner in one month. Blog for at least 4-6 months before you decide it is not for you. Blogging will take time to earn you money. It took me 2 months to earn decent money from my blog. But I don’t earn anything from my blog now. I use it as a platform for promoting my freelance writing offers.

Learn About What You Are Doing
You should learn about anything that you are doing. If you are in the internet marketing field, buy a couple of ebooks written by the experts in the field. You can also learn a lot by observing. Join the mailing list of famous internet marketers and see how they build relationship with their subscribers and how they sell their products. If you are a blogger, subscribe to few blogs which have already had great success and try to learn that blogger’s way of marketing.

Never Try More Than One Thing
When you select something to do online, don’t star a new project unless you have mastered the first one. You won’t have time and concentration if you are starting two new things at a time. Start with one, master it and go for the second one.

Have you quit any project in less than one or two months just because it has not got good results? Did you put enough effort on that? Please share your views in the comments.


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