Your Business Blog can Boost your Profits – Five Tips

Got a business blog? Blogging has become mainstream, and businesses are finding that blogging is a vital tool to increase visibility online, by attracting new customers and making sales.

Here are five tips to help you to get the most from your business blog.

1. Set goals for your blog

It’s vital to set measurable goals for your business blog before you start blogging. A blog can be a powerful tool, but you must be able to measure its effects on your sales.

Google Analytics is an easy way to measure traffic, and to see how that traffic converts. So install Google Analytics on your blog, and on your site’s sales pages too.

2. Get your subject matter experts to blog

Competition is becoming more savage online, and it will become even more competitive in the current economic climate, as companies cut down on other advertising to focus on the Web. Compared with print media, TV and radio advertising, online advertising is cheap.

This means that as each day goes by, there’s more competition for attention. Last year, it was enough to have a blog. This year, because of the competition, that’s no longer enough. You need to make your blog stand out.

So get the subject matter experts in your company to post to your blog: make it a priority. Track the results with Google Analytics.

3. Conduct customer surveys, with prizes

You can use your blog to conduct customer surveys. It’s inexpensive, and if you offer prizes, you’ll get a lot of visitors completing your surveys. Promote your competitions to A-list bloggers first. If you can get them involved, you’ll get a lot of traffic.

4. What are your competitors doing?

Read your competitors’ blogs. If none of your competition is blogging yet, you’re in luck. That likelihood is slim, however. So see what your competition’s doing, and track their results in the search engine rankings for your primary keywords.

5. Link from your blog to your main site

Don’t hide your blog. Link to your blog from your home page, as well as from internal pages on your main site. Of course, you should also link from your blog to your main site’s pages.

Your business blog can be a powerful tool to boost your business’s profits. If your main site is new, your blog can help the site to get indexed and ranking in the search engine results quickly.

Start blogging, and keep blogging, and your blog will become more valuable to you with each passing day.


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