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Spice Up Your Blog: Guest Bloggers

Posted by on 28th Apr 2008 | 10 comments

If you are looking for additional way to add spice into your blog, why not try having guest bloggers?

Guest bloggers could be considered as another way of livening up the blog since it brings a fresh voice and at the same adds value to the content of blogs especially niche ones. What are the qualities of a good guest blogger? Here are some tips:

a. Invite a guest blogger that has experience – If you are looking for a professional blogger who could add rich content in your blog, then you have to look for someone who knows how blogging is done and additional things they could do. You need not instruct them step by step because they themselves should know how to do it.

b. Invite a blogger whom you know virtually – Even if you do not meet face to face everyday, establishing good relationship online or through blogs is a great way to more or less assess a person. Knowing a person virtually either by word of mouth or virtual encounter would give you a sense of trust when giving them a space in your blog. Bloggers with the same or opposite topic of yours could be a good candidate.

c. Invite a “resource-type” person – This means that these bloggers are information personified for that topic. This is in order to have quality in their blog posts and also to show to people that the bloggers that you are inviting to write are really worth it.

Now, here comes the tricky part: the exchange. Of course, guest blogging is two-way process which means that the guest needs to get another one in return. This could be in the form of cash or kind but personally, just having that connection between these bloggers are enough.

By the way, I’m looking for one as well. Do you know anything about recruitment? :wink:

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  • Posted by Scott Fillmer on 28th Apr 2008

    I actually did this myself, not on my blog, but I was the guest author on another blog for three articles on business Internet and competition. It was a much slower drawn out process than I thought it would be, but it worked out well. Good suggestions.

  • Posted by Link Building Bible on 28th Apr 2008

    ALso, looking for opportunities to guest blog on other people's blogs provides a great opportunity for increased exposure and possibly valuable backlinks.

  • Posted by Deborah on 29th Apr 2008

    Excellent advice. I'm currently looking for a guest blogger or two, but even finding a guest blogger is a difficult process.

  • Posted by Jeff on 29th Apr 2008

    Guest bloggers is a great idea. I need to get a few more visitors to my blog first. I can see though how a guest blogger can perhaps give new life to the blog.

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  • Posted by Dizi on 14th Apr 2011

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