Paying for Diggs and Stumbles

By Susan Gunelius | Promote your blog

Mar 31

Every blogger wants his or her posts to catch fire on Digg or StumbleUpon (or the social site of their choice), but would you ever pay for Diggs and Stumbles? 

It’s not a new phenomenon.  In fact, many social sites try to combat paid submissions, but there are still many sites out there like Subvert and Profit where advertisers can pay people to Digg, Stumble, etc. blog posts or web pages and where bloggers or internet users can sign up to get paid to submit those Diggs and Stumbles.

As a marketer, I can certainly see the value in paying for submissions to social sites, and I’m sure if I still worked in Corporate America, I’d probably be paying for them.  However, as a blogger, I don’t like it.  I like the idea of the best content rising to the top naturally and everyone having a fair shot at being “discovered” through social sites.  Of course, reality then strikes and I remember that sadly, much of the content that currently rises to the top of Digg, etc. has not gotten to that spot naturally (even if submissions for that content weren’t paid for).  Instead, there is often an organized effort or key people involved in bumping certain content to the top.

With that in mind, what do you think about paying for Diggs and Stumbles?  Alternatively, what do you think about getting paid to Digg or Stumble content for advertisers and marketers?

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